Monday, September 10, 2012


Our awesome facilitator Alex has Lyla's passport in his hand!!! This means tomorrow morning we will head to Lyla's birth city to have her passport stamped and then we will head to Kiev. Wednesday morning we will have our embassy appointment and Lyla will have her medical exam. Then Thursday we go back to the embassy to pick up her visa. If all of this goes as planned we will be on a plane Friday headed HOME!!!! So Awesome!!!!

Lyla is doing so great. She is handling all this new stuff we are throwing her way like a champ!! I really thought maybe she would have a hard time adjusting but NOPE the girl just trucks along perfectly!!!!

Well except when I try and put a pretty in her hair. Then she gets pretty mad!!

Poor baby!!!!

Now that it is off she can not decide if she is happy or still mad so she gives this face!!!

We went on an outing today to McDonalds. We had so much fun with Uncle Rich and Uncle Mike!! These guys keep me laughing. Uncle Rich is here adopting beautiful Bella. His wife, Dawn had to fly back home the other day so we invited Rich to move in. We are having a blast!! If I could give any advice on how to make the best of your stay in Ukraine it would be to live with two strange men. Spices it all up!!

The best part is before Lyla goes to bed at night she kisses both her Uncles good night!!! How awesome is that???

Lyla enjoys helping Uncle Mike with his journal.

Look at this dinner!!! Both these guys can cook! Just another beautiful benefit!! This was dinner last night courtesy of chef Mike. Tonight Chef Rich is in the kitchen!!

Okay, I know, I have it MADE!!! Get this, they both do dishes too!!

Sweet Lyla still refuses to nap. She will fight it and fight it!!

That's okay with me though because I am enjoying every moment with my new daughter!!!

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  1. This is wonderful news, Summer! Lyla is amazing!! She is already looking so strong and happy. We will be praying you home.

  2. Oh man, both cook and do dishes!!! I tell you girl you know how to get things done the right way. LOL

    Lyla looks beautiful as always. I'm so thrilled things are going so smoothly.

    Continued prayers for a safe return home.

  3. Lyla is so beautiful. she already knows what is going to happen, you tell by the look on her face. Just lay off the girlie stuff, big flowers for this girl. Tell Mike I said Hi, please.

    Sue Moczulski (friend of Sarah b. and Mike)

  4. Hi Summer sounds like you are having a great time in the Ukraine, but no story beats the Nick and Conner story with Gavin and his stinky pants and the elevator.

    Lyla looks absolutely awesome!! I cant believe how much she has changed!! GOD IS GREAT!!

    I cant wait until your home!