Friday, September 7, 2012

Day One!!!

How's the transition from orphan to daughter going??
Couldn't be any better!!!!!
I am not at all surprised how resilient Lyla is. I am surprised though that I really am not nervous at all about her breathing or her health. I am pretty sure it helps greatly to have Mike here, I mean look at this:

All kidding aside, Mike really is so helpful when it comes to her medicines and keeping an eye on her breathing! Lyla's breathing is a tad more rapid and shallow than most 2 year olds but thankfully she doesn't show any signs of being uncomfortable because this is her "normal" and has been for her two years of life. She is so strong and such a fighter!!!
She was loving the freedom of scooting around on the floor!! To my amazement she is able to do the army crawl!!! You go sweet girl!!!


So after lots of exercise and freedoms it was time to go to bed. Apparently Lyla was not ready to end her big day so she stayed up a little past midnight. Fine with me, I didn't want to end the day either.
Lyla slept all night waking up just before 8am!! I was so impressed. What a wonderful way to start the day waking up with her. She ate a wonderful breakfast and then had a tub bath. She did pretty good in the tub but really wasn't a fan of the hair washing. She held a grudge for a little bit.

I lathered her very dry skin up with lotion, brushed her beautiful hair and then dressed her all up for a day with her Mom and Uncle Mike.

I realized she was getting a little warm again so I gave her some Tylenol. Just a half an hour later she was ready to play.

We then decided to go for a walk. Uncle Mike put on the baby carrier and Lyla was so happy to go in it. (thank you Basile family for lending it to us). We were out and about for about two hours and she was so good! She started to fall asleep the last 30 minutes of our outing so we headed back to the apartment for lunch.
Lyla has been bottle fed all her meals so she is not at all happy about food on a spoon. So I decided to give her a spoonful and then quickly offer the bottle so she would start to be comfortable with the spoon. She did Great!!!

Lyla had to have the bottle in site at all times!!!
She let us know that a nap was just not in her plans for today. So we played!!!

After some very fun play we went out to dinner with Anya and Rich & Dawn Brook. Lyla didn't think sitting at the table was fun at all so informed me that she wanted to be held while I walked around. This girl is pretty persuasive. I have waited for her for two years so missing a meal to hold her was absolutely my pleasure!! After dinner we went for a walk and Anya gave us all a little tour. We had a wonderful time but It was getting close to heart medicine time so Lyla, Mike and I left the group to head home. Uncle Mike got her meds ready and I put on her PJ's!! I brought her to bed and fifteen minutes later we have this.

Night Night Princess!!! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!
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  1. No wild adventures or misfortunate turns to report? Wow, this trip is going smoothly, may it continue until you get home.

    I'm so happy to read that things are going well.

    Pleased as punch that Mike is there with you, can I say that enough times??? LOL The Basile's sure do have some great friends, don't they?

    Loving the updated pics. New found freedom pics of being able to army crawl all over the place, now that's the life baby!

    love to all xoxoxo

  2. Such a special girl! Many prayers for a safe and healthy trip home!

  3. What wonderful pictures of your sweet girl!! She is so beautiful!

  4. Oh, I just love her. So wonderful!

  5. Looks like a very FUN day! Yay!!! How wonderful she's army crawling already when she wasn't even holding her head up a month ago! She's an amazing little girl, that's for sure.

    I had to laugh at your first comment...I too pray it goes smoothly until you return! :-)