Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Little Naughty Girl

Oh yes, it is true, our sweet little princess is NAUGHTY!!!!!
She is so trying to get us in trouble with her caregivers I just know it!!!
Below are the rules broken in just a matter of seconds:
Rule 1:  Child should always be buckled while in the stroller

Well, I guess I have to take some responsibility for this one as I am the one that unbuckled her.  But she doesn't have to make it so obvious by putting herself in her favorite position that clearly indicates she is NOT buckled.
Rule 2:  Child should have a hat that covers their ears even if it is 70 degrees

Lyla pretty much refuses this rule and pulls up her hat just enough to expose her ears.
Rule 3:  Child should have socks on at all times

Lyla rather enjoys taking off her sock and throwing it on the ground.
Rule 4:  Child should Never put their foot near their mouth.

Lyla clearly believes she should use her foot when readjusting her pacifier.
I had a talk with her about acceptable behavior and she really didn't seem to interested in what I was saying.  She pretty much ignored me.  As you can see in the photo below. 

So that's that!  We have a little princess that has realized she has options now.  She does not have to just lay flat in a crib anymore.  She has the God Given Right to do everything and anything she wants!!!  It looks like we are witnessing the beginning stages of


You Go Sweet Girl!!!!! 

Just 3 weeks ago you didn't seem to be interested in anything.  Now you are aware of everything and anything around you. Your eyes are wide open and you don't want to miss a thing.  You my sweet girl are changing before our eyes.  You surprise us moment to moment.  You are a Fighter!!  A warrior that has refused to give up.  You continue to fight an uphill battle that is yours to WIN!!   I am Beyond Blessed to witness such a Miraculous Gift of God!!! 

I Love You Baby Girl!!!!


  1. What a beautiful post. My heart grows just knowing you are there giving her love and lots of attention. I can not wait to see her "Gotcha Day" pictures!!!!

  2. Oh...that naughty girl! Hope the nannies don't tell the judge on you! :-)

  3. HAHAHA a rebel like her mom???? Oh the sweet taste of freedom is within her grasp. Looking forward to hearing the proclamation that is precious girl who started you on this journey so very long ago is a Spitz!

  4. Hehehe! She is a Spitz all right! :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your baby girl! She's a stinker!