Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Day..

One day I will be able to tell the story of all the beautiful children we have met in the last two days. 

Three different groups of children.  

One group of 16 typical children. 

One group of 7 special needs children. 

One group of 17 special needs children in a laying down room. 

We were BLESSED to spend time with all of the children in these groups.  Holding, Hugging, Kissing, Singing, Playing and LOVING!!!  This experience was so rewarding and amazing.  But there is a price.  We had to walk away.  Turn our backs on 40 children.  Leave knowing some of these children might not live until next week.  Knowing that the futures of most of these children are dim, dark and awful.  It is possible that we will be forever haunted with the sights we saw.  But the BLESSING of Loving on each child even just once is worth carrying the burden of feeling completely helpless.  Really, the burden these treasures carry is heavier than any burden I will probably carry for the rest of my life.  These children taught me more in 2 days then I will ever learn in a lifetime.   

We found out today that when Lyla is not in the infirmary she is in the laying down room with the 15 other children we met today.  We saw the crib that she spent many endless hours in.  I can not even tell you how grateful we are that she is in the infirmary now.  Of course we don't want her to be sick but I promise you that the difference in rooms is astronomical. 

Here is her crib:

Crib # 5
 16 other cribs in this room were occupied by precious treasures
 ranging in age
from 12 months to 6 years old 
most unable to even roll over. 
The Orphan Crisis is URGENT!!!
It is imperative that HELP arrives as soon as humanly possible!!!
For all Orphans EVERYWHERE!!!!

Please visit the Reece's Rainbow site! 
Please do what you can!!! 
 Pray, Donate or Adopt!!! 

Please Do Something!!!! 

Reece's Rainbow has Blessed us with three Miraculous Beautiful Children. 
Maybe just maybe your child is on that site right now. 
It is very possible that your son or daughter is waiting right NOW for you to bring them HOME!!!

If we didn't go to that site - we wouldn't have our Sweet Daughter Belle:

Our very Handsome son Gavin

Or our soon to be Precious daughter Lyla

Please Do What You Can!!!!!!!

(The above pictures of Belle & Gavin were taken by the amazing Caleb Lococo & Molly Conley)


  1. Goosebumps, while I am not in the position to adopt right now I know that I'm supposed and that's my calling. I know that I'm 27 and single because I have to meet the perfect man that shares my dreams of going to find our child!!

  2. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has put upon your heart. I can only imagine the power of what you have been witnessing and how it changes lives, hearts and souls. My husband and I are working to bring home a little boy from the RR site and, while we can't publicly announce which little boy yet, we are excited to be getting started on this journey. I have no idea how the funds are going to come together (though I am creating some fundraising plans), but I am praying that the Lord already knows how we will get our little-guy-to-be home. Thank you for allowing readers to share along in your journey. I know that you're busy now, but if you ever want to stop by our blog to follow along, please feel free. Our web address is The blog is fairly new, but I hope that some people make their way over and get something out of what we share. Thanks again and enjoy your time with your precious little girl. I can't wait to see her home with you, your husband and the rest of your family!

  3. So incredibly proud to know you. You're the bomb lady!

    Thank you for sharing yet another journey and so happy it is for Lyla!