Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lyla Laughs

Well I had planned to stay with Lyla during the 10 day wait.  I was ready!!  But unfortunately our 10th day lands on a Holiday here so we can not start the passport process until the 28th of this month.  DARN IT!!!!  So I would be here a whole month.  Impossible!!!  UGH!!!!  I have to go home with Dave and even though I am so excited to see all my treasures at home I hate that I am leaving Lyla.   Torn???  Oh Yes, I am Torn!  But we have made the decision and I am headed home after court. 

Our sweet princess is changing - changing - changing.  Each visit she is more alert and stronger.  So AMAZING!!!  She is able to sit up a little longer each time too.  The best CHANGE is she is starting to LAUGH.  Up until today she would try and laugh but then she would cry.  Talk about heartbreaking.  It seemed that it hurt her to laugh.  So we really didn't try to tickle her or anything that might make her laugh.  Well this morning I was kissing her neck and I noticed her breathing changed.  Dave & Tay pointed out quickly that she was laughing.  Oh it is a very weak laugh - but it's a LAUGH for sure!! 

Oh My!!!  This girl is such a Miracle!!! 
I am so Crazy In Love With Her!!!


  1. I love how she keeps the binky in her mouth. She is such a doll baby.

    So sorry you have to go home! So glad she's laughing <3

  2. What a sweet little girl!!! It is so encouraging to read about how she is growing with each visit. Praying for you all as always.

  3. Love the smiles...my heart goes out to you as I know you really wanted to stay with Lyla. The Lord will keep her safe and keep Mommy and Daddy in her heart's eye.
    Can Tay visit Lyla during the wait time?

  4. Praying that your wait time FLIES by!!!! Holy cow... your girl is COMING HOME!!!!! She is beautiful Summer!!

  5. Does Taylor and Kostya live close enough that they can continue visits in your absence and if so would it be allowed?

  6. She is just beautiful! I'm so so happy that you were meant to be her family! What color are her eyes in person?