Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Diaper Mania!!!

Wow. Never ever did I imagine $1,000 would be raised to buy diapers for the children with special needs in Lyla's orphanage. You guys are so Awesome and I promise you that these little ones deserve it so much!!

I have even received messages requesting I  open the chip in to allow more donations. Here is the problem, I am afraid that I won't be able to find enough diapers to buy when I return to Ukraine. We bought 8 packs before we left and delivered them to the two groups that are in such dire need. I also left $300 with our amazing translator when I left and she will buy diapers while I am in the states. So we still have $600 left - wow!! That's 50 packs of diapers - whoa!!! I am nervous that I won't be able to find that many packs of diapers in my six days in kremenchuk. I hate that I can't figure out a way to spend every dollar that you are willing to donate. Makes me crazy really!! So my plan is with the money left after I have purchased as many packs of diapers as possible would be to buy diaper rash cream for the two groups. I hope you are all okay with this?

Thank you so very much for loving these beautiful children and not only acknowledging the need but doing something about it. Too many times we sit back and think, " it's not my problem" or "let someone else step up" but we sure don't accomplish much going that route. All of you never cease to amaze me - you "step up" over and over again!!! Thank you!!

Here is a picture of a sweet treasure that you have helped keep dry!! Isn't he just beautiful? He just laughed and laughed as I held him and loved on him!!!

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  1. Soooo happy that you met the goal, but you can open the chip in , and use the money to buy some wipers for the children, milk, baby food ... things that they need. Or find another family who can buy more diapers, when they travel, to ukraine. They have so many needs that can be covert with that money at least for a few weeks, remember what difference can we make in an week . ;)

  2. Maybe there is a way to do this on a more permanent basis. Like maybe they have a Costco type distributor where you could send the money and the distributor in Russia could do periodic deliveries of diapers. Might be cheaper too since then you would get bulk pricing.