Sunday, July 29, 2012

We made it but my luggage didn't

We made it safely to our destination -unfortunately my luggage hasn't yet :( Really things were just going to good! Flights were awesome. Layovers were short with no issues. Our connecting flights were easy to find. Customs was a breeze. And then it happened. Standing at the baggage claim starring at the empty belt praying that your luggage will just appear but it doesn't. You are even hopeful that the suitcase that is now in a huge white garbage bag because all the items have exploded out might be yours. But it's not. So you ask ask an employee of the airport what to do. You are told to stand in "THAT line" Oh no - you realize instantly "that line" doesn't look like much fun. So you wait in line for about an hour knowing that your driver is somewhere on the other side of the big doors wondering where you are. You might just start to panic a little at this point. But thankfully you contact some facebook people to try and get a hold of the driver to tell him the situation. Since your phone doesn't work here and you don't want him to think you didn't make the flight. So you fill out the necessary paperwork and you leave the airport with out your luggage praying you soon will be reunited. If you would - please send up a Prayer that our luggage will be found - I would appreciate it so vey much! Oh and if you wouldn't mind praying that the adoption officials at our appointment are understanding of my outfit that would be so great too! Thank you so much!!! God willing I will be reunited with one daughter tomorrow and the other on Wednesday!! No way a lost bag can take the incredible joy of that away!!!! God is so Good!!!!


  1. Sorry about your luggage... That stinks! Praying they will be understanding and all will go well tomorrow! 3 more days!!! :D

  2. We were in Germany in May and my luggage didn't make it. But it arrived at our hotel 12 hours later. I'm sure it is on it's way to you! Can't wait to see pictures of Lyla and her mommy!!!!

  3. Sorry about your luggage, I'm praying for that! Will Taylor get to see Lyla?