Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Most Beautiful Bride I Have Ever Seen

My beautiful daughter, Taylor married Kostya on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 in Yevpatoriya, Ukraine. 
 I honestly have never seen a more BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!
I am so proud of Taylor and so excited that Kostya is my new son!!!!
We look forward to seeing them this summer when we travel for Lyla's adoption!!!!

I am Forever Blessed to Be her Mom!!!!


  1. Oh you had me crying thru this video!!! May Taylor always know how special she is, both inside and out.

  2. Oh Summer, I was in tears at 44 seconds!

    Taylor is stunning!!! What a year your family is having!!! Blessings falling down on you!

    Congratulations to the beautiful young couple! Everything lays before them fresh and new!


  3. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful bride who is also a beautiful daughter...

    Sending best wishes for all good things for the newlyweds!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  4. The video is beautiful, Summer. I loved seeing all of the pictures from last summer's reunion. Congratulations to all!

  5. What a beautiful video and a very beautiful bride! Congratulations to you all! :-)

  6. Love that video! You have a beautiful daughter! I also love the song! What song is that?

  7. Congratulations Summer! She truly is beautiful! The song made me cry so hard my little ones thought I was crazy!

  8. Congratulations Taylor and Kostya!

  9. I bet you and your husband are so proud of the sweet, compassionate young lady you have raised. May her life be filled with lots of happiness!!
    Sending congrats from Montana xxoo

  10. Congratulations! they look so happy and she is stunning! what an exciting year for your family!

  11. I vaguely remember her meeting him when you were in country adopting Belle? Did she meet him then or she knew him then already?

    Well congratulations, it seems she has truly followed her heart -- quite literally --

    was this a surprise to your family? Do they plan to come stateside for another wedding so you all can be a part of it?

    I know she is very young so I will pray that they grow together in love and wisdom for a strong and LIFELONG marriage. Would love to hear an update about how her work is going in country. Does she plan to remain in Ukraine now for longer than the year she chose to teach? Finish college?

    How does this change citizenship for her and her new husband?

    Just curious! Sorry for so many questions! lol.