Monday, May 21, 2012

Mabel, Carina and Belle

Oh Please GOD find a Forever Family for Beautiful Mabel and Precious Carina SOON!!!!!!!!

Princess Mabel

Mabel is 7 years old 

Princess Carina

Carina is 4 years old

Princess Belle BEFORE

Belle had a link to the Reece's Rainbow website at one time.  Belle was an orphan waiting for a forever family for 3 years.  Belle was confined to a crib. Belle was malnourished,  Belle was dehydrated.  Belle's muscles were wasting away so much so that her therapist said "her muscles were pre-newborn".  Out of 20 teeth in her mouth, 16 had cavities.  She could not see out of her left eye due to a cataract.  She had a hard bruised lump on her forehead from constant head banging.  She had terrible reflux.
Belle was ALONE and UNLOVED!!  


On September 30, 2010 my husband looked over the little girls with down syndrome on the Reece's Rainbow website looking for his daughter.  He knew immediately when he saw Isabelle that she was the one.  She was HIS DAUGHTER!!! 

When will Carina & Mabel's father find them?  When will that special family looking for a daughter realize she is right there?  WHEN IS IT THERE TURN??????

This is our sweet Belle now!
Full of HOPE and WONDER!!!
  Oh how I long to see a picture of Mabel and Carina after they have been home for 16 months. 
 I want to see that emptiness GONE!!  
The sadness GONE!!!  
The Look of Despair GONE!!!!!

Praying For a FAMILY for Mabel & Carina!!! 
Praying that they too will have the opportunity to BLESS a Family the way Belle has BLESSED us!!!
Praying that those beautiful girls will not leave this earth only knowing the life of an institution!!!!


  1. If I could get one of them I would!!! I know I would get support from RR families to help with the addition of a child. But I think they are too far from our orphanage (38) :(

  2. Praying for families for these two precious girls!

  3. Thank you Summer!!!!!!

  4. I sooo wish I could afford to adopt one (or more!) of these children. Supporting them and their medical needs is not our concern - its the cost of trips back and forth, as well as the actual adoption :( we definetly have enough love and patience! Bless all of you angels on earth ((hugs))