Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be A Page In Lyla's Book

Colleen contacted me prior to committing to Lyla!  She knew that I was so upset because we just didn't have the money to commit to her.  Oh I was sick that money was the reason we just couldn't say

Colleen told me that only GOD could orchestrate such a journey to Lyla.  She reminded me to have FAITH, that He surely would provide and she would do everything possible to see that we were fully funded!!  Well, she wasn't kidding!!  She has been an absolute GOD SEND!!!  I know with all of my heart that Jesus knew we needed HELP and HE sent us one of his strongest warriors.  Oh My We Are GRATEFUL!!!  Colleen is constantly working to raise money for Lyla.  She never STOPS!!!  That is why we are already at $12,420!!!  I still can't believe that number!!!  OH MY!!!!!  SO AMAZING!!!!  Thank you GOD for sending us Colleen!!!

Now Colleen has come up with this most amazing fundraiser.  I am so so so EXCITED about this!!!  Colleen is making a scrapbook for Lyla!!  The beautiful picture above is the cover of the book!!!  So Perfect!!!  Please visit Colleen's blog for the details:  I just LOVE that YOU can be a page in Lyla's book!!!  This is Such a FABULOUS GIFT!!!!  WOW!!!!  I can't wait for Lyla to see this!!!!

So Many of you have given already and you have been so very generous!!  Colleen will list all of the people that have donated from the beginning and this will also be included in the scrapbook!!!  I can't help but get pretty emotional to think of that very long fantastic list!!!  We are just so BLESSED!!!

Hoping you will be a page in Lyla's Book!!!!!
Thank You So Much!!!!

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