Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amazing What Pictures can YELL!!!

The above picture was taken today!!!  I can't even believe how my girls are growing and maturing!!!  Sara went from holding her sister on her lap to sitting beside her Best Friend!!!!  God Is Good!!!!

 I really can't believe how very Blessed I am to be a part of all of this!!!!

Oh Lyla I can NOT wait to witness the love that your Big sisters are ready to show you!!!!!


  1. Those two little ladies are adorable! You are one very blessed mommy. I bet you are so excited to bring their new little sister home. I can hear it in your voice...o.k. maybe just through this great blog :)

  2. Oh my goodness looking at the progression of both of them is amazing.

    Bestest sisters ever!

  3. Your daughters are so beautiful and so special! I can't wait to see Lyla with them!

  4. Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls

  5. I haven't visited your blog in soooo long! What a beautiful family :) Praying you get news on your travel time really soon. I know that wait is so beyond hard. And I just love this post..beautiful!! Blessings!, Lysha :)