Thursday, April 5, 2012


Thank you so much for all the ADVICE for the boys!!!  I appreciate it so much!!!

Gavin did so well today!!!  This guy is something I tell you!!  He is so tough, so resilient, so AWESOME!!!  You would never ever in a million years know that this boy had surgery today.  Just Amazing!!!  Thank GOD for a successful surgery and a comfortable recovery thus far!!! 

Both of these pictures were taken about 1 hour after surgery!!  Can you believe it? 

Conor is doing so much better today!!!  THANK GOD!!!!  He looks so much better today too - Oh my am I grateful!!!   We went to the sports medicine Doctor today and he has ordered physical therapy 3 times a week for one month.   We will go back to see the Doctor at the end of the month to make sure the PT is helping. 

Now, are you ready for this????  Conor, Owen and I had just got in the car to head to the Doctor when I noticed I missed a call.  I listened to the voice mail, it was Nancy our stateside helper from Reece's Rainbow.  Well, because I am a FREAK, I was sure it must be bad news.  So I called her right back as I was sick with fear that Lyla was in the hospital or something.  I still can NOT believe what she told me.  Really I can't!!  Are you ready?

This is what she said:

"An anonymous person wired $500 to your facilitator
 in Eastern Europe" 


We received an e/m last week that we needed to wire $500 to our facilitator to start the adoption process on that side of the ocean.  Well, we didn't have $500.  So I was just PRAYING like crazy!!!  I didn't have a clue how we were going to pull it off!!  Well I didn't have to have a clue obviously - GOD HAD IT COVERED AGAIN!!!!!!

So not only did this super GENEROUS person donate $500 but they even went through all the trouble to wire it to our facilitator in another COUNTRY.  CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?????  So Insanely AMAZING!!!  Needless to say I could not control the flow of happy tears after that bit of news!!!

Really, this journey is a DREAM COME TRUE!!!  I don't even know how in the world to explain how in AWE we are over everything that has been happening for us to bring Lyla home.  Miracle after Miracle after Miracle!!  It's all just so surreal!!!! 


  1. WOW Summer!!! THAT IS AMAZING!! GO GOD!!!

    But really, why are we soo surprised when He miraculously provides?? If He calls us to step out in faith when we can't provide ourselves... he's not going to fail us! :)


  2. Summer, My heart is just SO happpy that sweet Lyla is coming home!! God has truly given you the desire of your heart!! HE IS FAITHFUL!!!! xoxo

  3. Wow! That is such an amazing thing Summer! (About the $). And so glad the boys are doing better!

  4. This journey to Lyla is such a great story! - installment after installment of great news - and the best part... It's all true! God is working miracle after miracle for Lyla and your family to bring you together at last! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  5. God is good all the time. Thankful for everything beginning to fall into place. How is Taylor doing?

  6. So happy to see Gavin full of smiles! Thankful for your donor! One step closer to Lyla!

    Happy Easter Spitz Family!

  7. Um how is it that I missed this post!!!! Yay for quick recoveries. I'm offended though (partially kidding) that you didn't tell me you needed the $500, yay for His provision and watching His hand in providing for your sweet girl!

  8. What God is doing to bring Lyla home is AMAZING! Praise The Lord! Praying Lyla home, -xo, Alisha