Monday, April 2, 2012

Bellie Bug

Friday was a big day for Belle. 

Normally I would say that Bellie dislikes going down a slide and really dislikes a ball pit.  I would even say that Belle HATES a ball pit so much that if she even sees one she will get upset.  And that's that!!!

Well Friday when Belle woke up she just seemed a little different.  Do any of you experience this with your children?  Like your child has changed over night?  Well that is how I felt with Belle that morning.  Something just seemed brighter maybe??  I don't know how to explain it.  

She ate a great breakfast that morning and she was all smiles & giggles before heading out to therapy.  

Well, Belle decided Friday that she LOVED to slide.  She would even take Ms. Joann's hand so she could walk UP THE SLIDE so she could SLIDE BACK DOWN.  She was LOVING IT!!!  So after a very successful PT session it was time for OT.

Ms. Jeanine was walking with Belle and she was heading over to the ball pit.  We all assumed that she wanted something near the ball pit as there was NO WAY she wanted to have anything to do with the ball pit itself.  Well, WE WERE VERY WRONG.  Bellie walked right over to it and reached her arm in for a ball.  WHAT?????  The girl that will scream if I walk to close to the ball pit at home???  So Ms. Jeanine put her in. SHE LOVED IT!!!  She was feeling all around and as happy as can be.  

Really, this girl is something!!!  With her, Yesterday WAS Yesterday and TODAY is TODAY!!!  And that's that!!!!  GOOD TIMES ARE A GUARANTEE WITH MISS BELLIE BUG!!!!!!!

Adoption update:  We go for our fingerprints for our dossier tomorrow.  WOO HOO!!!  Yes, one step closer to our beautiful baby girl!!!  I can't even imagine how absolutely amazing it will be to witness the transformation of precious Lyla!!

The reason we will be able to witness the transformation of Lyla first hand is in BIG PART to all of you!!!  I will never be able to THANK YOU ALL enough - that is a FACT!!!  The support, prayers and beyond generous donations has been Miraculous!!!  

If you haven't had a chance to see the most AMAZING giveaway for Lyla, Please go HERE!!!!!!

I can NOT wait to see a picture of Lyla & Belle together!!!  OH MY!!!!  They were so always meant to be sisters!!!  


  1. Beautiful update!


  2. Go Bellie, Go bellie go go go Bellie
    Luv u!!!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE this post, WAY TO GO BELLE!!!! and I get goosebumps just thinking about the day I get to see a picture of Belle and Lyla <3!!!!

  4. Go Bellie Go!!!! Congratulations on conquering your fear and finding out how fun that ball pit and slide can be!

  5. I'm sure others have pointed this out, I am new to your blog. But.... does it appear that Lyla has a halo over her head in this photo? I just picture her as an angel every time I see her. I Hope her adoption goes quickly and you get this precious angel in your arms as fast as possible!