Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Love You Taylor

Tay leaves for Ukraine in the morning :(

She has been offered a job to teach English and she has accepted.  Not to mention Kostya the love of her life is waiting for her.  We know that he will take very good care of her!!!   This will be her fourth trip over the big ocean.  But this time instead of going for 2 weeks she is going for 9 months.  Taylor wants this so much!!  We support her although we are going to miss her something awful.  I really don't even know what to say.  It is obviously hitting me right now.

I would appreciate it so much if you would keep Tay in your prayers.   Thank you!!!!

Our last pictures with Tay at home:

 The last picture of my Seven Blessings!!  Lyla, GOD WILLING will be home the next time Tay is home so this is it until I have been Blessed with EIGHT!!!
 The Big Three!!!  How I love these Three so so so so MUCH!!!!!!
 My oh My - these pictures are KILLING ME RIGHT NOW!!!
 Sarah came home to surprise Tay!!!!

These are the Children God has Blessed me with (until Lyla is Home of course)!!!

I'm sure not ready to see one leave!!!

I Love You So Much Tay!!!!!!!  


  1. Love you Taylor! Have a great time! Be safe! Enjoy your adventure!


  2. Oioioi....TOUGHTOUGHTOUGH and HEARTBRAKING for MOMMA-BEARS when one of her BELOVED children is leaving...!!!
    We wish TAY a wonderful time in Ukraine!!! PRAYING for HER AND for MOMMA-BEAR!!!!!

  3. What a remarkable young lady you have...I am in awe of the courage she has. This is experience is so character building. Love your family and thank you for sharing. A fan in NJ

  4. Wow, what an adventure. How old is she! She seems so young to go so far on her own === glad to hear she has someone there to help her. I hope she is not giving up a college education to do this (or maybe she is out of college?). It's so important for our daughters to get their degree and be able to support themselves fully over their lifetime if need be rather than relying on a partner (my opinion!).

  5. Taylor - congratulation. I wish I had the courage to leave home and follow my dream but unlike you I was raised in a broken home that put no expectations and encouragement out for me. Parents could care less if I graduated high school let along become a successful adult in society. They expected me to follow the wrong path - some expectations huh? But I didnt...I followed my path. I dont know you but I am so very proud of you and any young adult taking a leap towards success. Take advantage of the life and oppertunities you have been given.