Friday, March 23, 2012

No words could EVER

No words could EVER describe how GRATEFUL we are to all of you for such amazing support!!!!  Reading the comments left on our blog the last two days has been so INCREDIBLE!!!  Really, this has been so special to not only WITNESS but be a PART OF!!!!  Honestly, we are BLESSED beyond anything we ever knew was possible!!!  I just keep saying to Dave and the big kids "Can you even believe this?????"!!  So So So So SURREAL!!!  We get the GIRL and all of this SUPPORT - INSANE!!!!!

We had our Home study today!!!  WOO HOO!!!  One step closer to LYLA!!!!  WOW!!!!  Every time I write something in reference to us going to get her I get the chills.   I mean how did this happen??  How are we finally going to get our girl???  GOD IS THAT GOOD - THAT'S HOW!!!!!

And guess what????  We don't have to redo our fingerprints for Immigration.  That saves us so much time!!!! Every day closer to her is HUGE!!!  When I held her in January, I had said "I have never held such a sick child".  Her breathing is so scary - UGH - I get so SCARED just thinking about it!!!  I remind my self quickly of how STRONG she is and she is going to MAKE IT!!!  I JUST KNOW IT!!!!  We are bringing that girl HOME Darn it!!!!!

I am not sure when we would be able to travel.  I am PRAYING for JUNE!!!  I know that is so soon but it is very obvious to us these last few days that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!  I thank all of you and of course GOD for revealing that to us very clearly!!!

Here is the link to one FABULOUS giveaway for our girl: 

It is just so crazy that a wonderful group of women whom I have never met would get together and put so much hard work in to helping Lyla get home to us.  Again, we are just in AWE!!!  Thank you so very much ladies - we are forever GRATEFUL!!!!

Did you read that amazing fairy tale about Lyla with the giveaway???  I Love it so much  (Thank you Novit Family)!!!  I can NOT wait to read it to her!!  How wonderful it is that a little girl in a crib far away has such an incredible story written all about her and she has absolutely no idea!!  SHE WILL SOON!!!  YAY!!!    

I can't believe Lyla's fund is already at $966!!!  Yes, Again, We are just in complete AWE!!!  Thank you for believing in us!!!!!  I have no way of telling you just how much it means to us!!!

Oh, do you have any idea how hard it was to keep the secret that we had committed to her???  I did give a hint or two  HERE, I couldn't help my self.  It was the day she was listed on the "my family found me page".  A few of you caught on and that was so FUN!!!!

Since we have committed to Lyla, I picture her doing everything we do.  If we are at the park, she is on the swing.  If we are at the store, she is in the cart.  If we are going for a walk, she is in the double stroller with Belle.  I Love every bit of it, especially when it is night time and I envision her in my arms eating up all the HUGS AND KISSES I HAVE TO OFFER HER!!!!  So very soon my dreams will be a reality!!!!



  1. Just catching up on your blog and am smiling ear to ear! This is the best news!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. lyla needs you guys she really does she'll fit in perfectly..

  3. I love this story. Praying her home.

  4. Love this :-) XOXO

  5. I have been following you guys from the very beginning and this is just the best news EVER!!! Praying and helping LOVE LYLA HOME!