Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love: Owen, Belle, Gavin & Sara

Dear Friends,

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Last night we filled our Valentine treat bags for our friends.

Walmart makes Valentine cards with our pictures on them.  Isn't that Awesome?

Before we left for school Mom had to take some pictures in our Valentine Shirts.

She took a Gazillion pictures.

Owen & Sara had parties at school and they had so much fun and got tons of treats!!

Before lunch we went to a nursing home to hand out Valentines to all the Grandma's and Grandpa's that live there.  We gave lots of hugs and kisses too.  The Grandma's & Grandpa's were so nice to us and we want to go back and visit them again real soon.

We have to go take a nap now because we are very tired after passing out 100 valentines.

We hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day!!  We sure are!!!

Owen, Belle, Gavin & Sara


  1. What a wonderful idea and I'm sure your cuties were so adored at the nursing home. You are raising such thoughtful, compassionate children!!

  2. Great pictures and I bet there are a ton more that are just a great. :)

    Bellie looks like she is telling Gavin a secret! Owen's arm around his sister is precious!

    Sara sharing a laugh!

    All just so precious!

    Your day is definitely filled with lots and lots of love.


  3. Such a wonderful and great idea!!! You are the BEST!!!
    Oh and the towel over Daves shoulder:):)...!!!