Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Very very very GRATEFUL!!!!!

Our facilitator Alex is the BEST!!!!  He is taking such good care of us and I appreciate him so much!!   We don't have internet in our apartment so he tried to set up his modem on our laptop but unfortunately it didn't work.   So guess what he did??????  He left us his laptop so we can have internet!!!  Who does that????   Oh my I am so GRATEFUL!!!!!

The boys are doing so good!! I am in awe at how well they are adjusting.  No hot water, no internet, no tv, nothing to drink (well for the first night) and they haven't complained once.  Again, I am so very GRATEFUL!!!!

Tomorrow we get to see Gavin - Oh Thank GOD!!!  Yep, I am so GRATEFUL!!!!!

You know why else I am super crazy GRATEFUL??  We get to bust Gavin out of the baby house on Thursday.  This Thursday!!  So he will be with us FOREVER!!!

You know what I did last year on January 19th?  I carried my beautiful daughter Belle out of an orphanage to be with us FOREVER!!!  Really, what are the chances that we would be so BLESSED to do the same thing this year??


  1. In awe...one year exactly...wow!

    God is good!


  2. Are you serious??? Bellie and Gavin will share a Gotcha Day anniversary??? WOW! ONLY GOD!!! It gave me chills AND tears. Can't wait! So excited for you!!! Love you and those boys of yours are something special!

  3. Oh Summer, I am soooooo very grateful with you!!!
    And you share just WONDERFUL NEWS with us: TWO more nights and GAVIN will be FREE!!!
    Can not wait to see him!!!
    Love, Christina

  4. What a year! Waiting for Thursday!!!

  5. I just got chills reading your post!! Praise God! I love when he does special things like that! Congratulations!!!

  6. Exactly one year apart!?! That is Amazing!

  7. woohoo!!!!

    How incredibly awesome is that on the dates! God has an awesome sense of humor in our lives doesn't he?

    Next year can I go with you to get the next one? LOL

    Have a great time. So glad that guys are enjoying this trip with you, what a wonderful experience!

    All our love!

  8. Wow Wow Wow!! That is beyond precious to have their Gotcha Days on the SAME DAY a year apart!! Yeah!!