Friday, December 23, 2011

Bye Bye Gavin :(

We had to say Goodbye to Gavin :(    That was sooooooooo NOT EASY!!!!!!  Our little buddy is going to be so confused.  The caregivers are calling him "Gavin" now which is so awesome and they are willing to frequently show him the photo book we left of our family.  So this does help!!!  I will return January 16th and he will never be left in an orphanage AGAIN!!!!!

We are in Munich, Germany right now waiting for our flight to Washington.  Only 17 hours to go and we will be home.  YAY!!!!   We left at 9:30 pm last night to drive to Kiev so we have already been on the go for 13 hours so we are almost 1/2 way there.  LOL!!!!  CRAZY!!!!!!

I can not wait to see our kids at home.  Oh My!!!!!  The little ones have had a very hard time.  Well not Belle - you know the one I was so worried that couldn't live with out me???  Um ya, she did just fine!!!  Little Stinker!!!  I am so having a talk with her when I get home.   The big kids did great and I am so proud of them.  Poor Owen & Sara though did not do so well and the stress was evident.  So it will be so Amazing to hug the heck out of them!!!!!!  I will consider hugging the heck out of Belle too even though she is a trader.  Just kidding of course - I can NOT wait to squeeze that girl of mine!!!!!!  Just 17 hours............

This is our last picture with Gavin and also our first picture with him legally our son.
So in just a few weeks the little guy above will join the crazy group below!!!!  Oh Yes, I am so Blessed to be the Mom of seven of the Best Kids Around!!!!!  
 Thank You God!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for the Amazing support you have showered us with in these past 6 months with this adoption and the past year with Belle's adoption.  I truly hope when it is your turn to take a huge leap of faith that you have all the support you gave me!!!!!

Thank You Forever!!!!!!!


  1. crying!!!!!

    summer that picture says it all!!

    oh boy what a family you have and what an inspirational life you lead. how awesome that i have got to meet people like you this year...if only via blogworld!

    praying you you stop off anywhere?

    love and hugs jane xxxx

  2. So excited for y'all!!! Best Christmas Ever!

    Be blessed


  3. Can't wait to see all your babies together!!!