Friday, November 4, 2011

This is why......

When people ask "Are you really going back again?" - I really don't know what to say.  I am stuck for a moment and remember that they haven't seen what we have seen.  They don't understand.  They don't get it.  Anyone that has been there, or truly understands the devastation would never ever ask that question.  So after my brief delay with an answer I usually say "We sure are".  I don't want to explain.  I don't want to take even a moment to try.  I would much rather just take my heart right out of my chest and hand it over and say "Feel this"!!!!  Or give them the visions that often run across my mind of all the beautiful children I saw malnourished and deteriorating.  The sweet little treasures just waiting for their turn to have a forever family.  The children tied to cribs with nylon.  Or the many dark eyes that pleaded with me just to pick them up out of that crib.  Or if I could just give them the sounds, the cries, the head banging, the screaming, or even worse - the silence of those that had just given up.  Then and only then would they never ask us that again.

Anna and her husband are on the other side of the ocean right now.  As a matter of fact they are probably in court this very moment petitioning to adopt a beautiful little boy.  Please send up a prayer for everything to go smoothly.   ANNA wrote a beautiful post yesterday and she explains everything just so well.   I want to print it out and just hand it to those that ask "Why can't you just let it go".

I can't let it go and I never will.

I am BLESSED to have a constant reminder of what a little leap of FAITH can do!!!!!


  1. Summer, it amazes me that people can't think of even just 1 incredible reason to support, encourage, promote adoption. To save a child from that existance, there must be thousands of reasons to do it. That beautiful picture at the bottom is one HUGE reason, and Gavin's picture at the top, another HUGE reason! God bless!!

  2. I love the new blog look. Anna's post brought me to tears.

    You know that I'm right there beside you cheering you on the entire way! Go Gavin, Go Gavin!!!! Can't wait for you to get that boy home!

  3. Summer,
    I've been reading your blog for a couple months now and really enjoying it. I just learned of RR recently and am a Christmas Warrior. This post you wrote is wonderful. After reading blogs like the Basile's, Anna's (above link) and others I found on RR, I "get it" so maybe sometime someone makes a comment about not understanding, point them to one of those blogs.

    Thank you for the Anonymous post option - so few blogs allow it so I can't say much to anyone because I don't have an online account! It also keeps me out of fundraising donations where they require a comment to be entered.