Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little Belle Funny

I have to share this with all of you!  Belle has been recently working on her "fake cry".  It is really so cute.  It is a pathetic crying sound and grimacing of her sweet face.  Well she has used it with all of us here at home and her therapists.  Well today I gave her a cookie after her lunch.  Okay - now I need to tell you this girl LOVES chocolate chip cookies.  So when she started using her fake cry every time she would pick up a piece I couldn't help but crack up.  Apparently the mastering of a skill and the appropriateness of when to use it are not a concern of this princess.  Boy oh boy do I Love her!!!!

Can any of you help me out with these red cheeks?  We have tried Vaseline, aquaphor and eucerin with no relief.  They are so red and dry and I would love any recommendations any of you have please!!!  Thank you so much!!!!


  1. She's SUCH a doll!!

    We put a cold-air humidifier in Ruby's room at night, and that helps, A LOT, with her red chapped cheeks. But, it does cool off her room, so we have to make sure she's dressed warm or put the space heater in there. We joke that she has her own climate :)

  2. have you tried any cortisone cream? start with a low dose first :)

  3. Love her!!

    You all are probably kissing her cheeks raw!! Sending a couple from me! :)

  4. She cracks me up! Isn't it great when their personalities really start to shine.

    As for the red cheeks, moms on the ATR chat room have been recommending Criso shortening on dry, chapped areas. We are using it on Gab's eczema and it is helping. Go figure.. I think the humidifier is a great idea too!

  5. You could try bag balm we use that cracked dry skin. I'm not sure if it needs something more medicated than that though.

    I think it is funny, this girl has learned how to get each one of you by the fake cry, smart cookie that she is...... :)

    Tell her to come on down Auntie Teri will make her chocolate chip cookies too. :) What sweetness, love her!

  6. Try mixing in the palm of your hand a dab of hydrocortisone cream and dab of aveeno lotion then put on cheeks and other dry skin/red areas. Use 2x a day. Works great on my little man.

  7. I used Lansinoh (the stuff for breastfeeding moms) on my son's chapped cheeks. Put it on right before bed so it really gets a chance to soak in and if she gets it in her mouth it won;t hurt her!!

  8. I second! The amber necklace is the only thing that clears up our daughter's skin.

    P. S. I love fake cries!