Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will Belle ever walk?

Will Belle ever walk?  I have asked myself this question a million times.  While visiting with Belle in the orphanage if we would put her in a standing position she would grimace in pain and her little skinny spaghetti legs would shake and then just give out.

It was so AWFUL!!!!   But we knew we had to strengthen up those little legs!!  

We were not home long and she started standing for longer periods of time.  It was AMAZING!!!
Belle started PT and OT in late April - 2 times a week for 30 minutes each

In June(5 months home) Belle was pulling herself up in her crib.  It was so AWESOME!!!!

In July she was pulling her self up on the couch and climbing up!!!  WOW!!!  Go Bellie!!!!

So she was doing GREAT - maybe her progress wasn't as quick as we had thought it should be but we were just so PROUD of her!!!!
But she still wasn't taking very good steps with assistance.  When we would try and get her to take steps she would bring her little bum to the ground so she could scoot!!  So I honestly wasn't sure if she would ever walk.  Well, things are very different now - THANK GOD!!!!!

Belle is taking GREAT steps with assistance now.  YAY!!!!!  What I have realized though is that she has to put so much effort in to each step.  When her siblings learned to walk it was so different.  They would just take step after step - as if it came "naturally".  Well, it just hasn't come "naturally" for our sweet girl yet.  Every step is so much work for her.  But she doesn't GIVE UP - she just keeps trying!!!

Now when Belle is really hungry I can stand her up at the oven.  She will hold on to the oven door handle and  
reach over for her highchair and take 2 beautiful steps.  I LOVE watching her do this!!!!!

Okay, here is a video from today!!

 Introducing the Beautiful Steps of Miss. Isabelle Spitz!!!

So, will Belle ever walk?  
YEP - She Sure Will!!!!!
I think it would be so WONDERFUL if Bellie would be walking before her 4th Birthday in February.   So that is the goal folks!!!  And if we don't meet it - No biggie!!!  We will just set a new one!!!!  


  1. Great job Belllie! I love the midway stop to giggle with Daddy!

    She's doing awesome.


  2. Hi Summer! Long time no talk to! I can't believe how BIG and MORE Beautiful Belle is! She's come a long way! Lots of hard work from a loving family will do wonders. As I watched Belle walk, I noticed that her hips don't seem "right". Her legs are pretty strong, but there's just something with her hips. Has she been seen by an orthopedist or had her hips evaluated? I would check into that.
    I am so excited about your new little one! Do you have travel dates yet? I will certainly be following along. If you make your blog private, will you send me an invite? jomoseley57 at gmail dot com
    Take care! Love ~ Jo

  3. Great job, Miss Belle. Even when she is trying something that is a challenge, there is a smile on this little one's face. I will be praying that she meets her February goal. She is precious.

  4. Yay! Go Belle!


  5. She is too cute, so distracted by making proud faces at her daddy to focus on her walking! She is totally rockin the drunken sailor walk!

  6. Keep up the good work Bellie! You are doing great!

  7. Go Bellie! She's awesome! Such a strong beautiful Princess!!

  8. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Be blessed


  9. Yay Bellie!!! You go Girl! :-) Love the "Daddy" break in the middle!

    And Summer, that black couch...brings back so many memories, huh? :-)

  10. Love the video, she is amazing! Just curious because this happened with our little Emily...she did so much better when we got her fitted for suresteps orthotics. They stabilized her week ankles and feet and she felt more steady and started making more progress.

    Kelli @