Monday, October 31, 2011

Where was Belle last year for Halloween?

It's so hard to even believe last year Belle wasn't with us for Halloween.  What do you mean she hasn't been here since she was born???  Really????   Where was she last year then??   Well unfortunately, last year our sweet girl laid in the same crib she had been confined to for about 30 months in an orphanage in Ukraine.   She had no idea that a Mommy and Daddy were coming to get her.  She had no clue at all that she had two sisters and three brothers waiting for her to come home.  She could never of imagined the crazy amounts of hugs, kisses and snugs that would be coming her way.  So I can only assume last year this time she was banging her head feverishly and scraping her thumbs continuously on her decaying teeth.  She most likely had a bruise and lump on her head where she banged it and her thumbs were raw with bleeding blisters.  I am sure she didn't cry because what good would it do.

This year is much different!!!

Bellie woke up this morning smiling.  Her Mommy picked her up and held her tight knowing how BLESSED she is to have such a sweet little girl.  She was carried out to the living room where her big brother Owen yelled "Happy Halloween Sister Belle".  She laughed.  She sat on the couch and drank her juice.  Then her sister woke up and came running out to sit with her on the couch.  Trying to hug and kiss her.  Belle was too busy drinking her juice so she laughed.  Owen got on the bus to school but not before he kissed Belle goodbye.  And he reminded her that tonight was "trick or treat night".  She laughed.  Then it was time to eat breakfast.  Belle had eggs, sausage and toast.  Next her Mom helped her get her Halloween shirt on and it was time to head to therapy.  When therapy was over, she showed off how good she could walk today.  Her Mom was so excited, picked her up and squeezed her tight she laughed.  Then we headed back home.  Belle had some applesauce for snack and her Mom read her and her sister a book she laughed.  Owen came home from school and told us about his day.  Belle laughed.  We played duck duck goose - she laughed.  Lunch time and Belle had chicken nuggets, tater tots and a banana.  Her Dad came home and she lit up with the biggest smile she could find.  He picked her right up and tickled her like crazy.  She laughed like crazy.  She showed Dad how good she could walk today and she laughed.  She hung out with her Dad for a little bit and then it was time for him to go back to work.  So she played a little on the living room floor and started to rub her eyes.  Her Mom asked her if she wanted to go "night night".  She laughed.  So her Mom carried her to her crib, gave her lots of hugs and kisses and laid her down.  Her mom made sure she had her phone that played her favorite music and her teether.  Belle laughed.  Then she feel asleep for her nap.

Happy Halloween Sweet Belle!!!


  1. It is hard to believe that she hasn't always been home with you! I guess thats because God had her hand picked just for you before you even knew it!


  2. Now that was an action packed day, she's a superstar.

    Love Bellie smiles and giggles.

    More walking, excellent news!

  3. You have to stop making me cry with every post! LOL She's the princess God wanted her to be! So glad she has you and you have her!

  4. Happy Halloween Bellie! We are so happy you are HOME!