Monday, October 10, 2011

So Loved

This little girl is so LOVED by her big brothers.  They are absolutely SMITTEN with her.  Sometimes it's a fight for who is going to hold her.  And we wonder why she isn't walking yet?????  Ha Ha - well, when you have 7 family members that can't walk by her with out picking her up - why in the world would she ever want to walk.  She came from a place where people would walk by her countless times and never even look at her.    
I can only assume how often she cried from not feeling well, or cried because she was hungry and the same people would still just WALK BY!!  Can you even imagine?????   That beautiful little girl was IGNORED for 2 years and 11 months.   UGH!!!!!  But now, she has these 2 big brothers who are wrapped around her little finger!!!!  All she has to do is make the littlest peep and they run to her!!  She has an endless supply of love, hugs and kisses from these boys.  And she is Forever Safe because they will make sure of it!!!!


  1. I just love this. What great big brothers they are.


  2. She's so adorable! Those big brothers look totally in love with her!! And I think in this picture Nick and Bellie look alike!

  3. It is such a blessing to think how little Belle's life was changed but also how your two son's lives were changed also. I'm sure their hearts have grown incredibly since Belle came home! God bless your amazing family :)

  4. I have never seen three big kids as responsive and loving towards their little sibs as your big three! Seriously. I remember Tay eating, hearing Bellie cry, and leaping up from her dinner to go snuggle her. Oh man.. I miss your kids!