Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Some Belle Statistics

 Belle Loves When Her Daddy Comes Home For Lunch 
 Belle can be very serious
 Belle LOVES climbing on the couch
 Belle is so darn cute that sometimes her MOM just can NOT take it!!!
Belle is getting so tall that she is wearing 2T pants!!!  YAY!!!!!
Belle doesn't mind taking a break from all her climbing
My Precious Treasure!!!!!
Thank You GOD!!!!!!


  1. She looks so grown up with her glasses! ♥


  2. Look at that girl go. I know how proud you are and you should be.

    Love the glasses! Go Bellie Go Bellie Go Bellie!

  3. She is just too cute! :-)

    Elijah just "graduated" to 2T pants too now that he needs pants again after the summer. So fun to watch our kids grown and flourish!

    Praying tomorrow is the day you hear your news.