Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Belle,

You just fell asleep for your afternoon nap.  It is very important to me that I share a few things with you.  You have changed my life sweet girl.  I will never be the same person I was prior to becoming your Mom.  Who knew my Best life teacher would be a 3 year old little girl that can't even speak.  I am not sure you know how absolutely GRATEFUL I am that you are my daughter.  I am not sure if you will ever understand that your smile lights up my heart!!!!

When you first came home and I would take you out to the mall or anywhere for that matter.  I was ready to fight anyone that might look at you differently.  I would look at each person we would pass to see how they would react seeing a child with Down syndrome.  I was ready!!   You would be yelling "Ba Ba Ba Ba" and you do yell pretty loud.  I was sure people would not appreciate this.  I was certain someone would give you a dirty look or even say something rude.  Oh boy - I was WRONG!!!!  First - the people we would pass, would only SMILE or even stop and tell me how "cute", "sweet" or "beautiful" you were.  Second - It is a fact that  you could just care less how anyone looks at you.  But I promised to protect you always!!!!  So what if that person that doesn't understand walks by - shouldn't I do something?????

You have showed me - You have taught me -that it is more important I realize how BLESSED I AM to know how special you are.  Not to worry about other people EVER.  But I wanted the world to know Belle - I needed them to Know the Amazing Beautiful Creation that you are.  I needed them to see past Down Syndrome and just feel what your smile can do!!!!  I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW!!!!!!!!  This was so important to me but now I finally realize this is not important to you.  You sure as heck wouldn't want me to get in to a fight in front of you.  What was I thinking??????  So just like you - if we do come across that person I have feared - I will just SMILE - maybe even yell "Ba Ba Ba Ba" too.  Well it works for you???  I sure misunderstood many things for way too long.  Now you have come along to set me straight.

Thank you Bellie!!!  I Sure Do Love YOU!!!!!!!

Love Always and Forever,


  1. Beautiful letter to your little one :)


  2. Love your heart friend... Bellie is one loved and oh so very lucky precious girl...