Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you Joann!!!!!

The last donation to our account was HUGE - $150!!!!!!  Today we found out who the super generous person was that made that donation!!!!!!  It was Joann!!!!!  Joann is Bellie's Physical Therapist!!!!!  Can you believe it???  Now that is some therapist - huh???  Wow!!!!!

Bellie will have PT, OT and Speech 3 times a week, 30 minutes each session.  We are so BLESSED to work with some super FABULOUS ladies!!!!  Since we have to leave the house for PT & OT , Joann and her co-workers make it possible for us to have Belle's therapies back to back.  They manipulate their schedules to make our lives easier.   Oh My do I appreciate this!!!!!   And in addition to this, they all LOVE Belle and treat her like a perfect little princess even when she gives them a bit of an attitude!!!  These ladies are AMAZING and we are just so LUCKY!!!!  Thank you Joann, Jeanine, Liz and Tracy for being the kind of people that make a difference in the lives of children!!!!

Thank you Joann for your very generous donation - we are forever GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!

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