Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here's Praying for Next WEEK!!!

Bummer - we didn't get our travel date today.  So we will PRAY that next week is our week.  Plus that will give us another couple weeks for donations??????  maybe???????

 Dave went to the bank yesterday to sign for a $20,000 loan - OUCH!!!!  But we always knew we wouldn't let money stand in the way of our new son!!!

Imagine if we let money stand in the way of bringing that little girl home????  
Then she wouldn't be able to rest her precious piggies on her Daddy 
in the front yard while he is wearing his PJ's!!!!  
 Because that is absolutely PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!


  1. Praying that next week is THE WEEK. I can't wait to see you and Dave with Gavin. The picture of Bellie and Dave is just too cute. She looks like she is checking out if her manicure turned out well :) We miss you all and hope everyone is doing well.

  2. Photo is priceless indeed! Can't beat a morning in pj's on the front lawn. :)

    Yes indeed it will give more time to get those donations up.

  3. Just said a prayer that you will be submitted next week!