Friday, September 2, 2011


Yesterday when I mailed the last 7 documents via fed ex I also paid for them to be returned to us via fed ex!!!  Well, I just checked the tracking number for the return - I can't even believe it - they are already on their way back to us!!!!!  OH MY!!!!!  I had PRAYED for this but really didn't think the clerk would get them done the same day they received them.  BUT THEY DID!!!!  Unfortunately I didn't pay the extra money for a Saturday deliver - What was I thinking???????  So now I will PRAY that our precious documents will get to our local Fed Ex facility tomorrow and I can go pick them up.  And then I can send them off to Gavin's country tomorrow too!!!!!

Wow!!!!!!  I just LOVE getting closer and closer to our little guy!!!!!!!!  

Look at this Beautiful Boy!!!!!  
Every time I see this picture I feel like he is saying:
 "Really????  My Mommy & Daddy are coming?????"
And I say to him:
"Yes Baby, We Sure ARE!!!!!!  We Love You So Much!!!!!!!"

A few people have commented that our process was pretty speedy. 

We received our dossier packet on July 11, 2011.  So almost 8 weeks to get our dossier out to Gavin's country.  Yes, I guess that is pretty quick - WOW!!!  

Also some have asked if it was easier the second time around.  It absolutely was!!!!  So easy, so smooth!!!!  The hardest part for me - is waiting on someone else - that drives me NUTS!!!!!  I had absolutely no patience  for "I'm not sure when we can get to that".  And I did some crazy stuff if I thought I was waiting too long for a document!!!  Ha!!!!  I will tell you all about it after Gavin is home Safe and Sound!!!!!

We know we did not do this alone.  We certainly know that HE was with us every step of the way and will continue with us on this journey until Gavin is home SAFE.
Thank You Dear Jesus - I Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!   


  1. So so happy and THANKFUL your process is moving quickly...he needs his momma!!!!


  2. So happy Gavin is going to meet you SOON! I pray everything continues to go great and your founds go up!!

  3. What wonderful news. I am so happy for Gavin and your family. He will be home and in his cute bedroom and comfy bed so soon. God is moving mountains for your son!