Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why are we adopting again?

Why are we adopting again?  Well the best way to explain is to use pictures!!

Last year this was our sweet Belle

She was bald - so pale - so thin!!!  
She was weak and frail!!!
She did not know the LOVE of a Mom & Dad!!!  
Brothers or Sisters!!! 
She did not know LOVE at all!!!!  
She was confined to her crib with no voice!!!
She had no vision with her left eye from a cataract!!!
She had 16 cavities out of 20 teeth!!! 
She had major heart surgery at age 1 
 No one visited her - No one held her hand - No one kissed her pain away!!!! 
 I can NOT even imagine how awful that was for our sweet girl - I try so hard not to think about it!!
But I do think about it!!!
I also think about how hungry she was!!
How alone she was!!!
and I wonder how she survived 

Well, I believe she survived because GOD had much BIGGER PLANS FOR HER!!!
1 year later this is our Belle
 A little girl who can do anything she wants to do
 She can Smile!!!!
She can reach up when she wants out of her high chair
 She can sit on her front steps and just be the cutest girl in the world!!!!
 She can hang out with her brother
 She can proudly wear a Reece's Rainbow shirt!!!
 She can hum along as her Mom sings a song

And NOW she can do the hand motions to one of her favorite songs
"Little Bunny Foo Foo" 

This is why we are adopting again!!!
We have been Blessed to witness first hand the amazing transformation of one sweet little girl!
A sweet little girl who spent 2 years and 11 months in a crib!!!!
And we know Gavin has waited far too long for his chance to be the little boy GOD planned!!!
So it is our pleasure, our honor to head across the ocean for him!!!!
It's just that easy!!!!

So Thank you so much for the donations toward our adoption to the:
 The McGilvray Family
Emily Camm
 The Mueller Family
The Lococo Family
Molly Conley
The Theofilactidis Family

It is so not all about the money but my goodness it sure HELPS!!!!!!!!


  1. It is also our honor and pleasure to help in what little way we can to get you across that ocean as well. :)

    Love you all, can't wait to meet Gavin next summer!

  2. Absolutely! You are giving oh so much and getting even more in return. Another child will have the ability to THRIVE...not languish. THAT is why we adopt!


  3. Your family is beautiful and you are beautiful both inside and out! Congratulations on your new son!

  4. Great post!! Gavin is going to be such a happy little boy, just the way GOD wanted him to be!! God loves his children!

  5. PERFECTLY explaned!!!And the pics of BEAUTIFUL BELLIE say it ALL what LOVE can do!!! What a MIRACLE she is, PRECIOUS BELLIE!!!
    It is ALL about GODs LOVE, that we let us use as HIS hands and HIS feet to share this MIGHTY LOVE with everybody, especially with ORPHANS and WIDOWS!!!
    We are beyond excited and we cant wait to see DARLING GAVIN SOON!! in your arms!!!