Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So Blessed to Be a Stay at Home Mom

 I can attend a picnic any day, any time with my favorite trio!!!
and not EVER have to worry about the time
 I get to see this beautiful smile after giving one simple push on a swing
 I get to spend time with two of my favorite people - Mikael and his Mommy Molly!!!!!
 I am reminded how BLESSED these two are to have each other
 I was able to witness my sweet Bellie LOVE a swing for the FIRST TIME!!!!!
 I am reminded how wonderful it is to have a SISTER!!!!!
 I know NOW how SPECIAL every MOMENT IS!!!!!!!!!
And I am able to capture smiles like this!!!
Not from asking Mikael to say "cheese" or "smile"
just catching the pure JOY of a Beautiful boy having FUN!!!!!!

Yes, I am so super GRATEFUL for the BLESSING to be able to stay Home With My Children!!!!
I was MISSING so much when I was working out of the home.
So now, I just absolutely soak up every MOMENT!!!!

Please continue to PRAY for Sweet Lyla (Lilianna)
PRAY that her Forever Family be FOUND!!!!!!
PRAY that they be found SOON!!!!


  1. That picture of her breaks my heart...she is needing a momma NOW!


  2. I love the picture of Owen, and the one of Sara pushing him, and the ones of Bellie! Ok, I love them all! They are all so precious!! Can't wait to see Prince Gavin join in on the fun!!! :D Love you Summer!

  3. I so agree with you about being home with the kiddos it is worth every minute of it.

    I'm so looking forward to meeting Gavin.

  4. Love it! My mom stayed home and I am so thankful she got to do that! Also, I wanna come to the playground with the Spitz fam!