Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dentist Today For the Little Ones

 Owen was a CHAMP!!!!  This was his first visit to the Dentist and we could tell he was a little nervous but he let the hygienist do everything she needed to do.  We were so PROUD OF HIM!!!!!
 Look at this guy!!!!  Such a BIG BOY!!!!
 Miss Sara Grace was not as cooperative!!  Poor Princess!!  I had a feeling this would be the case I so I took the picture prior to the drama!!!  She did allow the hygienist to brush her teeth and apply the fluoride treatment.  The Dentist was able to take a very quick look too!!
 And NO picture of Bellie in the chair as she was not HAPPY!!!!  But she sure is now that she is HOME!!
 Both my girls are 3 years old now!!!!
 They are so sweet together!!!!
 Bellie is still not feeling well - she is still running a fever, not eating and is a little grumpy!  We will be calling her Doctor tomorrow if she still has the fever.  She had 2 days of antibiotic injections and started the oral antibiotic today so she should be much better by tomorrow.   Poor Baby!!!  She is scheduled to have an ultrasound and a VCUG on Friday just to make sure everything is working up to par.  This girl has been through so much when it comes to medical issues and she is always so TOUGH!!!!   Please Keep her in your PRAYERS - Thank You So MUCH!!!!!!
As for Dentist Visits we would like to honor Owen with the 




  1. Great job Owen!

    Oh Sara I feel your nervousness I have to go this week for my cleaning too, I am not good at dentists either. My dentist even wears funny faced masks for the kiddos. Yep, I think I'm his oldest kid! :)

    Sisters so cute in matching outfits.

    LOL I love the picture of a house with baby gates all over the place like we have here. I thought I was the only one that had a gated community! :)

  2. Well done Owen! Such a big boy!!
    The girls look beautiful in their matching suits. I can't wait to see brothers Owen and Gavin in matching suits ;)

  3. Yay Owen!!!!! I'm not surprised he handled it well. I barely got my hands on him at the reunion, but he seems like such a little sweetie!