Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoe? or Weapon?

You be the judge?

When Bellie first came home she was so still.  When we changed her diaper, when we fed her, ALL THE TIME she was so still!!!  She just didn't move really at all - but I guess when you are confined to a crib you get real use to just sitting still :(

But NOW - this squirmy little wormy is in motion all the TIME!!!  We love that she is now so active!!  But I forgot to take off these 20 lb shoes when I changed her diaper today.  And she clocked me right in the head - Ha!!!  Um yes, so I think WEAPON!!!  She could do some serious damage with these heavy weights!!!  I will always remember to take them off for diaper change - Oh yes I will!!!!

Her new little braces for ankle support - are they not the cutest little things ever? 

She is standing so much better with her new braces and new shoes - it is so AWESOME!!!! 

Look at those sweet little Mary Jane's!!!

Owen took Belle's hand and said "Okay - Walk now Bellie"  So SWEET!!!!
We explained to Owen that the "magic shoes" won't work right away but they will real soon!!!

Just HAPPY to lean on Daddy

Dad taking a moment to fix her hair!!!  LOVE IT!!!! 
The dogs were so nervous - they would not MOVE - they wanted to protect her!!!

Toby is ready to catch her if she falls!!! 

I just can't believe how much this girl has changed in 5 months!!! 
It is such a Blessing, Honor and Privilege to watch her BLOSSOM!!!!!!

And we are so very GRATEFUL for the Magic Shoes!!!!!!!!


  1. I tell you those are cute little dancer legs! I love it, go Bellie!

  2. So precious! I can't wait to see Bellie walk!

  3. This is so great! I love hearing about RR children that are finally home! She is so sweet! Your dogs are cracking me up! In every picture they are so protective. Thanks for sharing with us!So excited for your family and Charlie!

  4. Yes, the are adorable!!!! If you are having trouble getting her orthodics into the shoes, pull out the sole of the shoe, she doesn't need it! She's getting all the support she needs from the orthodic. You'll find that with orthodics, you can buy the cheapest shoes ever (and should) because you're just going to pull out the soles from the anyway!

  5. How do you stand the cuteness? Owen is too much, you must be so proud of him! Bellie will be runing with his brother and sister in no time!

  6. Oh my goodness! She looks SOOO big standing there like a big girl! Totally amazing!!!!!

  7. Go Bellie!!! She'll be chasing those puppies soon enough!!

  8. Yeah, those things look like some serious clockers to me! :D Great to see Bellie standing up so well- can't wait to see it IN PERSON in a week or so! :)

  9. GO BELLIE GO!!!
    Such a BIG GIRL!!