Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reece's Rainbow Reunion - Here We Come!!!!

We are leaving in the morning heading for Cooperstown NY for the RR reunion!!!!  I am beyond EXCITED!!!!  We all are!!!  This is such an awesome opportunity for our family!!  We all get to be together for 4 days and we get to meet other families that live a similar life to ours.  They too took a leap of faith and went to far away places to bring home a child!!! 

When we committed to Lyla in June of 2010 the The Lococo Family had committed to Julia.  We became instant friends and our journeys stayed on the same track almost the whole process.  I LOVE this family to pieces and I have never met them - well that will all change this week.  I will finally get to meet one of the most amazing families I know.  I already warned Patty that I might not let her go once I get a hold of her for a hug. 

I am pretty sure my emotions will be completely out of whack this week.  Meeting Andrea from RR - WOW!!!  How do you Thank someone for finding your daughter for you?????   Seeing Andrea meet Belle - um ya, I will need to sit for that one or maybe lay down!!  Meeting so many wonderful people that I have known for a year because we all share a passion for helping orphans with special needs.  And then the kids - Oh My - All the children that have been SAVED and now home with their FOREVER FAMILIES!!!!  I will be a walking water park I am sure!!!!

I can't wait to share all the pictures I plan on taking with all of YOU!!!! 

I sure wish GAVIN was HOME too enjoy this trip!!!!!  Next year, sweet BOY!!!! 

I can NOT wait to hold this beautiful boy and kiss him like CRAZY!!!!!
I PRAY he knows that he has a Mommy & Daddy that love him and that they coming to bring him HOME FOREVER!!!


  1. Have an awesome time! Sounds like so much fun. I cant wait to see pictures of Gavin home too. You are so blessed.

    Be blessed


  2. I want to see pictures of that even! How I wish I could go and meet all those sweeties!!