Monday, June 6, 2011

Birschbach Family and Project TLC

It has been almost 6 months since I first walked in to an orphanage in Ukraine.  It has been almost 6 months of a heart ache that I can't even explain.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of the beautiful precious children left behind.  Every day I think we need to do something.  We have to go back!!!!  We have to save another child!!!!!  How can we just live here knowing what is going on???????  IT IS AWFUL!!!!  We have donated to a few families in the process - BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!  My mind races constantly on what I can do - what WE can do as a family and I keep coming up blank.  So many families are going back a second time - I sooooooo understand this!!  I know when I talk about going back people are ready to commit me - they look at me like I have completely lost my mind.  But I tell you - I promise you - it is not crazy, it is just that URGENT that something be done!!!!  The Birschbach Family is a remarkable family going back for a second time.  They will soon be the PROUD parents of beautiful Jonathan (aka: Turner on Reece's Rainbow).  They don't have all the money they need - they will probably need to take out a loan but they know with every ounce of their soul that this is exactly what they have been called to do.  I admire this family so much!!!!  Please visit their family blog : !!!!  Then we have PROJECT TLC!!!!  Project TLC is the Spirit-led effort of three mothers who adopted children with Down Syndrome from the same region as Belle in Ukraine. They are dedicated to improving the life of disadvantaged children in Crimean communities and orphanages, serving their spiritual and physical needs with the love of Christ.  So here we have 3 Mom's - 3 Mom's that not only get the URGENCY but are doing something about it!!!!!  Please visit Stephanie's blog where she introduces Project TLC:  I am just so PROUD of these women!!!!

I am not sure this pain will ever leave - I'm not even sure if I really want it to.  Because then it would mean that I too had forgotten those we left behind.  I don't ever want to FORGET THEM!!!!   I look at my sweet Belle and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that we were chosen for her.  She has the most Amazing spirit of anyone I have ever known.  Left confined to a crib for almost 3 years and yet she is the happiest, sweetest little girl you will ever meet.  Why can't all those sweet children that are in the same awful situation she was have the chance to SHINE!!!!!  I almost can't catch my breath when I think about all those lost little souls!!!!  I am not sure at all where our path will lead but I do PROMISE not to FORGET!!!!  That is the least I can do!!!!! 


  1. Thanks so much, Summer, for blogging about us! :-) And don't worry, plenty of people are ready to have me committed too. LOL

    But those faces...seeing some of them again w/ the other little one that is being adopted right now is breaking my heart. :-( We can't just pretend it didn't happen or we didn't see them. We must continue to shout, pray and help however we can.

  2. you're an amazing mommy!! i really admire what you do, i'd love to adopt a child one day =) oh! and i wanted to ask if you dont mind is lyla cleared for adoption yet? are you going to rescue her too?

    hugs & kisses from mexico