Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Time

This house of toddlers is sure ready for our friend the Easter Bunny to come.  Oh my - they are so excited!!!!  Here are some pictures of the Easter Egg Mess Coloring!!!

Just getting started and already a little spill that Dad is cleaning up

Tay helping Belle color her very first Easter Egg - YAY!!!!!

Belle trying to figure out why in the world we would be coloring eggs

Mess #2

Belle was just rolling the egg around on her tray

Mess #3

Mess #4 doesn't hold Sara back!!!!

Belle just wants to eat the egg not color it

Belle says "Well can you do this?"

Sara and Owen hard at work

Mess #6 ( I didn't take a picture of mess #5)

Belle decided to get to work and show these guys how to do it!!!!

They were all business - it was so cute to watch!!!!!

Yep that would be Daddy cleaning up Mess #107

After Belle's bath - isn't she soooooooooo Beautiful?????? 

It is so hard to get a good picture of these three

Watching Peter Cottontail before bedtime.  Sara was kissing the Easter Bunny on the tv, Belle was content laying with her Dad and Owen was on the couch with me!!!  I can't imagine for one moment my life with out these three love bugs.   Have I mentioned that: 



  1. The best part for me is that she looks like she's always been right there. She's always been your girl. God knew before she was even born where she belonged!

    Happy Easter!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Love it. Mess = great time had by all....