Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Belle was evaluated last week by a psychiatrist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and physical therapist. Developmentally they have assessed her at age 7 months. Of course as her very proud mother this does hurt. I know she is delayed but to hear it and read it in a report – well it’s just yucky!!! She is so smart and it kills me that 2 years and 11 months were stolen from her. But then I remind myself that this is how we found her. If circumstances were any different – she might not be with us. I HATE that she paid such an awful price but I am so grateful too – I hope you understand what I am trying to say???? Okay, back to the evaluation. Belle was invited to take part in a classroom setting Monday thru Friday from 9am to 2pm. This class has 6 typical children and 6 delayed children age 3 and 4. She would also receive all her therapies while in this setting. So then I went to see the classroom. UH OH – NOT FEELING IT AT ALL!!!! The children in the classroom seem HUGE to me and they are all running around, playing blocks, etc…. My sweet little Bellie who is 19 lbs and is just content to be held and snuggled would be in this room for 5 hours a day?????

So what do we do???? We can’t baby her forever – I do know this. But she missed out on so much and I know I can’t give those 2 years 11 months back to her but I can try and make up for some of it, can’t I? Or do I take this amazing opportunity to get her the help she so very much deserves?

AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! I just want what is BEST for her – that’s all!!! So tell me what you think please because I am struggling with this one for sure!!!

Other updates:

Belle has not gained any weight since being home and she eats constantly but being on all the meds for h-pylori gave her lots of diarrhea. She is schedule for another weight check in 2 weeks – so we are going to try even harder to beef this girl up.  Any suggestions?????  (Lactose Free ideas please)

H-Pylori is GONE – tested negative February 16th – YAY!!!!

Diaper Rash GONE – Super YAY!!!!

Eye procedure scheduled for Monday, February 28th (Prayers Please and Thank YOU!!!)

Second Pediatric Dental opinion scheduled for Wednesday, March 2nd

Thaks AGAIN to all of YOU!!!!  Just knowing that our little girl is covered in PRAYER is the BEST FEELING AROUND!!!!!


  1. I know she will be OK! My son was very delayed at two years old, and he had no other condition besides epilepsy. He was not speaking at all. He didnt like being around noise or other kids. He did go to some similar classes, and I was so scared for him-but after about a week of adjusting-HE LOVED IT!His speech just blossomed after 6 months, and so did his social skills. Now, he is 4, and you could almost not even tell he had ever had these issues!
    She will catch up-and excel! I can just tell that she is extraordinary. :)

  2. Saying prayers for Bellie as she goes thru all the medical appointments. I will be thinking of her as both her and I will be going to the dentist on the same day, me possible root canal, yuck!

    Sorry no food advise, I have the worst pickiest 2.5 year old here in the house, every day is a challenge for me.


  3. Ok, my frist thought was WOAH THATS A LONG TIME FOR HER TO BE AT SCHOOL!!! 5 days a week for 5 hours??? And she is still so newly home. There must be another option...maybe a more self-contained classroom with more assistance and fewer students?? If your gut is telling you no, please trust it!! We just had Zoya's transition mtg today and she will go three days a week from 9-12 (and they are letting us be very flexible with how many days and hours we think will work for her). Every child is different so I can't believe they would only offer you one option. Being a special ed. teacher I suggest you ask them what your other options are!! Maybe she could go fewer days and/or fewer hours or for an alternate placement all together...why does she have to do the whole thing???

    Weight gain....was she tested for Celiac's? Zoya tested negative but still had diarrhea issues so we took wheat out of her diet and viola...no more diarrhea. Zoya's nutrition Dr. also suggested giving spoonfuls of butter and putting butter and coconut oil (really good stuff) on most of her foods...our kids got so many starches and carbs, but rarely got the fats they needed for their brain development...but its not too late...don't be afraid to give her too much butter/oil, avacados are also great fat-you can mush them up to baby-food consistancy, etc.

    And she is probably WAY MORE ACTIVE now than she has ever been so it might just take time for her body to stabalize...one other thought...was her thyroid tested? That is a common problem in our kiddos.

    Okay so I should have just emailed all that.

    And umm I need to meet this angel...we really have to plan something SOON!!!


  4. I soooo agree with Sarah. Typical children with no issues don't go to school that long! Bellie will be overwhelmed! Emmie was in a PT group with other kids her age but they were all so much bigger, she's at 21 pounds. She was overwhelmed and got nothing out of it and she was only with them for one hour. We moved her back to her one on one.

    Considering everything the Dumpling has been through in her short life, i think this would be too much for her.

    A quiet setting with a couple of kids for a couple of hours maybe two or three times a week sounds more friendly.
    I'm just trying to picture Em in this situation and I know it would just knock her flat on her back.

    And if you are already getting a not so good feeling about it, listen to your mommy instincts. They will never fail you! You know that!!

    Please keep us posted on this!!!

    And my hubby who adores Bellie said, no way!

    ,funny story. We have one computer and the other night my husband needed to do some work, but I needed to check some bloggy friends. Hmmm, I won! I told him I was coming to your blog to check on Bellie!!

  5. I think if it were me, I wouldn't send her until fall. There is no reason you have to send her now. You can have her pediatrician write orders stating that homebound services are in her best interest. Then pt/ot/speech would come to the home instead. If a doctor writes the order, school needs to follow through with that.

    I'll be praying for her eye procedure. Did she have a c-spine x-rays done already? She should have that done BEFORE being put under anesthesia!

  6. Definitely not my area of expertise as Ella won't start school for a month or so BUT I do remember reading in a few other blogs that it is best to keep them home for a few months adjustment period when you get home so they have time to realize that this is their home now and won't feel abandoned again. Hopefully you can ask some other parents who have walked this path ahead of you :)

  7. Thanks for all the updates! We have Elijah's eval tomorrow (if his cold isn't too bad), so it will be interesting to see what they say too. They were pushing for early childhood for him, but I told him it was too soon. As someone else said, trust your gut! Just b/c the "experts" say it's right, it doesn't mean it is.

    Not much advice for food issues here. Sorry. Glad to hear the h.pylori is gone! We have Elijah retested at the end of the month. Our baby was negative, so I was happy to hear that too.


  8. If she wants to snuggle now let her snuggle for a little while. It might be a good idea to wait before sending her to preschool. sorry no idea in the food department.