Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Many Feelings.....

Excited:  We will be holding Isabelle again soon!  A family that follows our blog is going to adopt and our blog helped a little!  Get to experience a once in a life time trip with my daughter!

Grateful:  For Christina and Family - Wow!!  To Julie for Pictures of Dashlyn to bring to the orphanage.  To Jill and Pat for sending tools for us while in EE.  For the donations that are still coming in!!  For All of YOU!!!  That we were chosen for Isabelle!  FOR MY FAMILY!!! For My Friends!!  For My Job!!  For the people at my Job!!  For Reece's Rainbow!!  So Grateful for the people that "Get it"!!  To my Mom, Sister and Carlos for taking care of our family while we were gone.  That I have a relationship with GOD!!

Scared:  To bring my daughter to EE.  To leave my husband, 3 sons and 1 daughter behind.  That poor Isabelle has not been out of that crib. 

Frustrated:  That people still don't get it! That people will miss out on meeting an amazing little girl!!  That I can't change the minds of those that don't understand.  That people don't see a needy child is just that, it doesn't matter what diagnosis they might have or where they live. 

Proud:  Of my children that they did so well while we were away on our first trip. 

Nervous:  About the train ride. About what Isabelle will eat (since she did choke on the littlest piece of banana). 

Heart Broken:  For any child that is an orphan.  For sweet precious little Tripp! (

Anxious:  To get our baby HOME FOREVER!!!!  For Jo to feel better ASAP!!

Relieved:  Zoya's surgery went well.  Izzy is feeling better.  Ella Grace is home and doing well. 

Just to name a few of the feelings I am experiencing!!  


  1. Thanks for your prayers for Zoya! I can't wait for playdates with Isabelle...we are so lucky to live so close :) When you have details of your return (once you get back to country) please let us know. We'd love to welcome you at the airport!!!! Can't wait to see that precious angel home where she belongs!

  2. You are one of the sweetest people I have ever 'met'. I genuinely cannot wait to see you bring sweet Issybelly home and see her thrive with her amazing family. I will be thinking of you and Taylor when you head back over there, and you're in my prayers every day!
    Bless you Summer, you're amazing.

  3. All valid feelings indeed.

    Is it possible for you to pack some baby food to take with you, that might be helpful just in case you don't find something there you will at least have something for her to eat that she won't choke on.

    The favorite thing here is those apple squeezers, so easy to travel with, and to tell the truth I love them too if the little one isn't looking to yell at me that they are hers. LOL

    I'm so excited for you. I will be praying for you and Taylor as you show her all you have learned on your previous trip.

    Hugs to all of you!

  4. We brought oatmeal packets, applesauce and a few baby food containers for Alina, since we didn't know if she's be able to chew effectively. I was most concerned about keeping her hydrated. I even brought a medicine dropper for fluids like apple juice or water in case she would not drink from a sippy cup or bottle for us. We did not have any issues with eating or drinking (other than juice boxes, which Alina made into a royal mess). There was yogurt and baby food readily available...and borscht in microwavable cups (just add water and heat). You could mash soft foods and add liquids if you need to. Watch closely when the nannies feed Isabelle before you take her out of the orphanage. And write down/ask them any questions you can think of that will help you to care for her in the early days after Gotcha Day!

    So excited for you to go get that sweet child :)!

  5. I can't wait until you have your sweet baby home! I am super excited for you! Lots of Love!

  6. I am so excited for your whole family!!! Very soon you will all be together with Isabelle in your home:) Best wishes for safe travel for you and your daughter.


  7. People still aren't getting it? Really? Are they dense?
    Last night I said something about Noah and our pastor's wife asked me "Who is Noah?" Um, really? He's all I talk about, all I think about, he's my SON!!! So I tried to compose myself, took out the picture and she followed up with, "What's wrong with him?" I really wanted to say, "He needs his Mommy! What's wrong with you?" Trying to maintain a Christian attitude is so hard with some of these people!
    Kiss Noah and Isabelle for me when you get a chance :)

  8. Praying for you! Hopefully Natalia has gotten her out of that darn crib!

    Now that you've passed court, hopefully the nannies will be a bit more "friendly" and allow you to help feed her at lunch or supper time if you ask. I believe the larger "aptekas" might have bottles similar to what they use in the orphanage - like the one in the grocery store. Oh, and security was much more leniant with liquids when traveling with a "baby"...I didn't bother to tell them he was 3. :-)

    Praying your trip back goes great and the time with your oldest daughter is a blessing!

  9. We took several jars of #3 baby food with us which Dashlyn ate, if I warmed it up in the microwave. Everything they eat or drink right now is warmed to the point of "hot" so you'll need to gradually cool what she eats. (Even milk - yuck.) I'm sure you and your daughter will have a wonderful time and it will be such a special memory you can share - bringing Isabelle home!