Friday, December 24, 2010

So Grateful for So Many things

We are so BLESSED!!!!

1) Having Jill ( with us, just up the street has been the biggest Blessing of all!  She arranged this apartment for us, which is absolutely perfect and less exspensive then the others that were available.  And the Landlord is so very sweet and so helpful!  Jill has showed us the bus route to the baby house and back - this saves us $28 a day to not have a driver.  She brought us to the market and showed us the ropes.  Jill helped us exchange money and has taught us essential Russian words.  I can't imagine how we would do it with out her - she has made our experience here very simple and very wonderful.  Most families traveling don't have this and I want her to know that we will be forever grateful.  It could be a very scary experience with out help - this is for sure.  And we have been able to enjoy every moment.  This city is very Beautiful and there is so much going on and so much to do!!!  Jill has a friend Debbie with her to help bring Sweet Elijah home.  Debbie is a wonderful lady and so eager to help too - she even gave us some home made candy - YUMMY!!!!  Thank you GOD for these two Angels!!!

2)  Thank you Yulia!!!!  We have a court date next Thursday at 10 AM - WOW!!!!!  Now this was so scary.  We were told that the court would not accept any submissions until January 17th - and a court date wouldn't be until February.  Ah yes, I was a tad bit nervous.  but Yulia worked some serious Magic and got us in by the end of the year.  Oh Thank You GOD!!!!  So the plan is to say goodbye to our sweet little girl Wednesday evening, court Thursday and hop a train after court.  We are praying HARD for golden rule travel to find us a flight out of EE on Friday.  PLEASE????  And then home by Sunday - we hope!!! WE PRAY!!!!

3)  Thank you to our Family!!!!  My sister and mother have done a wonderful job at home.  Everyone is doing so well.  We got to skype last night for the first time in 4 days.  It was so nice to see everyone and to hear all is going well.  We miss our family very much and we can NOT wait to be with them soon, very soon!!!  We are so proud of our 3 older children for stepping up and helping around the house!!!  We Love You guys so much - Thank you!!!!

4)  Thank GOD for the news on the vote!!!!  WOW,  this is a MIRACLE.  Please visit Jill's blog for the details.  The bottom line is it is the Best News EVER!!!!

5)  Thank you Isabelle - Thank you for being the Sweet and Strong Little Girl you are!!!!  Thank you for Loving us from the first moment we touched - Thank you for waiting for us to get here - I am so very sorry it took so long. Thank you for allowing us to Kiss you as much as we want!!!!  Thank you for being the BLESSING you are!!!!  We Love You!!!!

6)  Thank you Mother Nature - the weather is so Amazing!!!  It is the perfect temperature outside - we don't even need our coats.  Of course our princess is bundled up and that is just fine with us as she seems not to mind a bit.  Her little hat and scarf are so cute - the scarf is hand made with 2 little snow men hanging from it - I wish I had taken a picture.  Someone put some time in to this scarf!!! 

7)  Thank you - All of You!!!  Your prayers and constant support has helped us every step of this journey.  We are just so lucky - I honestly can't even believe any of this as it is just to good to be true!!!!  We will also be forever grateful to all of you!!!!  And those of you who have donated to our account - WOW - Thank you!!!!  We did run it to some money issues - and this will help so much - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!  I hope we can be there for you someday!!!!


  1. It is my pleasure, my dear friend, my pleasure. :-)

    SOOOO excited about court for you next week! WOOHOO!!!!

  2. Yayyyy! I'm so glad you have a court date, praying!!

  3. That is truly a Christmas miracle - congratulations.

  4. Yeah!! Court next week and you just met her this week. God is GOOD! Your little one is precious! She is going to blossom when you get her home...

  5. Court date woohoo is right. I'm so happy that there is someone there that is making this trip much easier for you guys. What a blessing indeed!

    So love all the pictures..... you can see the scarf and make out one of the snowmen. really cute.

    Praying every day for you guys.


  6. Oh how I am loving this :)! That new header picture is just precious! And Isabelle is absolutely amazing!! I am so, so happy for you and for her. May you be blessed with every step you take on your journey, as you have been already. Merry Christmas!!

  7. She is SO beautiful! Congratulations! That's amazing that you have court next week, so happy for you!

    Jill is a friend of mine in real life, she's pretty awesome, isn't she :) It's always so much easier when there's someone to introduce you to the new things.

    I'm so happy to see your little dolly get a family!

  8. Wow!!! It is so wonderful you have a court date next week. The videos of Isabelle was so sweet. It really does seem like she has known some love. There is so much life in those beautiful blue eyes. Have a very blessed Christmas!!!!

  9. Awesome news on CHRISTMAS EVE!Wonderful!!!
    sooooooooooo GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!!
    Wishing YOU a very happy BLESSED CHRISTMAS with your BEAUTIFUL new DAUGHTER ISABELLE!!!
    The Müllers

  10. What great news! I'm so glad that you have a court date. Another Christmas miracle. Tom and Caleb will be getting Julia out of the orphanage tomorrow! It is great to have so much good news happening for everyone.

  11. She could absolutely NOT be CUTER!! How sweet the three of you look together. Meant to be, I tell you!!

  12. Wow court Thursday that is amazing! We will continue to pray for you all and everything will go as planned! I love all the pictures she is just so precious! Lots of love, prayer and hugs!

  13. Hi! "Dawn's" hopeful Mom here. I had emailed back when you were waiting, and I have followed along, but don't think I have commented. I'm trying to tell all the RR families who are over the ocean Merry Christmas.
    So happy for your family. Looove all the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  14. Gof loves working out the details :) Isabelle is so adorable and her eyes are amazing! It´s wonderful that everything´s going so well.