Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Our appointment with the SDA was at noon today!  Nico picked us up at 10:30 and he had a lovely couple with him.  The Coffman's are adopting a little boy through Reece's Rainbow - his name is Grady - so cute!!!  The Coffman's had an appointment with the SDA at 11:00 so we shopped until our appointment.  Next to the SDA building is a side walk that has vendors.  Tons of vendors selling all kinds of things - it was so fun to look at everything.  This was my favorite vendor.
His name is Bagdan and he was so fun.  I asked if I could have a picture with him and he asked Dave if it was alright with him - how sweet is that?  Bagdan was so friendly and I am so glad we met him.

Then Nico called and told us to head over to the SDA building because it was our turn.  We passed the Coffman's and I am happy to report that they received their referral.  YAY!!!  So we went in our appointment  feeling good.  Still nervous - but good!!

We walked through the building and sat down on a little couch, Nico sat on a chair next to us.  Across the little table in front of us was a very pretty lady with dark hair.  She didn't really acknowledge that we were in the same room.  It was a little weird.  But really no one around here aknowleges you, or smiles or waves.  It is very different.  Anyways she asked why we wanted to adopt a child with Down syndrome.  I said "We believe a child with Down syndrome is a blessing".  Nico translated this for me and the lady looked up and smiled.  It was a heart felt smile - I got choked up!!  Then they showed us the cutest picture of Isabelle - Whoa the emotion just poured out of me.  I held it together pretty good.  Then I saw Dave just staring at the picture as a proud Dad would - so I got all choked up again.  Then the lady read some of the things in Isabelle's file.  Her birth Mother left her at the hospital and they are not sure who the birth Dad is.  Isabelle has a heart condition and a cataract in one eye.  All things we knew - No suprises at all.  And then Boom that was it - Done!!  We walked out of that room, like "that's it????".  Yep, that was it!!  So now we wait for the referral to be ready for pick up.  We still don't know if we will go on the train tonight or tomorrow night.  We should find out real soon.  Of course I am praying for tonight - I would love more than anything to meet that beautfiul little girl tomorrow.

This is the door we entered on the side of the building to go to our appointment.

This is the front of the SDA building

After our SUCESSFUL appointments we went to lunch with the Coffman's. 

We didn't coordinate outfits the night before - I swear - LOL!!!

Then we went off our separate ways to do a little exploring.  It really is a beautiful place and the people although not the friendliest are very beautiful and so well dressed.  We decided to go to a mall right across from TGIF - now this isn't a mall like home.  This is a mall with more like boutiques - very, very exspensive clothes.  WOW!!  I found the cutest little shirt for Sara and Isabelle that had Tom and Jerry on it, guess how much it was???  $130 american dollars - what????  Wow!!!  Needless to stay I left it right where it was - too bad really!! We then decided this wasn't the mall for us and started the walk home.  It was so nice out and we had a great time walking and observing.  Here are a few pictures that we took on the walk home.

This is the door to our apartment

This is such an Amazing experience, I can't tell you how lucky I feel to be on this journey.  And to end up with a daughter blessed with an extra chromosome at the end of it all - Well - I can't think of anything better - can you?

Thanks so much for all the comments - it is so fun to read what you all think.  I love it!!!! 

Next new experience with be the train ride - I am so excited!!  I have never been on a train that moved before - so fun!!


  1. Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys. I wish we could have met up over there. We have to make sure we meet up over here!

  2. Yeah!!!Another step closer!!!So excited for you guys...It would be sooo wonderful, if you meet sweet Isabelle tomorrow!!You know why....
    Hugs and prayers, Christina and family

  3. I just LOVE all of your enthusiasm in your posts!! I loved the experience of being there too! Take it all in, and enjoy every moment! And just think, very soon you will meet your little girl! Prayers for your papers and train ride. :)

  4. I love your energy! Your excitement really shows through. I hope that you enjoy sleeping on the train AND that it is tonight!! Most of all I can't wait to hear how your first meeting goes. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get more pictures of her last summer. I'll be so excited to see some new ones.

  5. Your positive attitude while following the Lord's heart on this difficult journey is such a delight to read. Thank you so much for embracing the bumps and valleys of life with a heart for Jesus. God bless you and bless your family \0/

  6. So exciting! Lots of love and prayers!

  7. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Spitz!

    I am SO HAPPY to see you guys moving along in your process for precious Belle! I so can't wait to meet you guys either here or back stateside! I am really sorry I haven't responded to your comments on my blog, things have just been loopy. I would love to e-mail with you guys, so if you just e-mail my mom she'll give you my address.

    Happy Travels!


  8. So glad your meeting went well. I love seeing your pictures, they bring back such memories. We are praying for you every step of the way.
    Make sure Nico buys out the whole compartment on the train for you so you have it all to yourself. Can't wait for you to meet your little girl, the feeling is unexplainable (if thats a word).
    Shawn Basile (Zoya's Daddy)

  9. Yah!!!
    I am hoping you are able to travel tonight, fingers crossed, prayers sent.

  10. Yay! And we like the trains in Ukraine. Never done one in the winter though. Have fun!

  11. Isn't it great! We just loved our time there too :)

    I bet we had the same lady at the SDA too, pretty but quiet...and she ignored us too for the most part ;)

    Enjoy the train, I sure did!

  12. Looks like a great day! I really do think you'll like the train - just make sure to not drink much before!

  13. This is so exciting to follow your journey. I have been away from the computer for most of the last two days so had some serious catching up to do. I am so excited for you guys and love hearing your positive attitude about everything. I am praying that tomorrow is the day you see Isabelle as I am dying to see some pics. But if not, I guess I can wait until the next day :( Did you hear the good news that Ella is home from the hospital (hopefully forever). It is definitely going to be a very Merry Christmas at our house!!