Wednesday, December 8, 2010

14 days

In 14 days it is very possible that I will get to meet my daughter, Isabelle!!!!  Oh My!!!  Again - no words can explain what I am feeling.  To know that I will hold that precious little girl - to know that I will be able to tell her HOW MUCH I LOVE HER!!!!  To know she is about to meet and be hugged and kissed by the most BESTEST DAD around.  WOW - it is so WONDERFUL!!!!  Thank you GOD!!!!

A few questions that people have asked us lately have surprised me a little:

Q:  You are leaving your family for Christmas?
A:  Um, yes but we are going to BE with Family on Christmas - she is our daughter!!!

Q:  When will you celebrate Christmas?
A:  We will celebrate Christmas on December 18th with Taylor, Conor, Nicholas, Owen and Sara.  We will celebrate Christmas with Isabelle on December 25th.

Q:  Can't you go after Christmas?
A:  Um, no - I would not wait another second to meet her.  Not to mention - you go when you are invited to go. 

Q:  Won't Owen and Sara be confused?
A:  Nope, they don't know the difference between December 18th and December 25th

Q:  Are you scared?
A:  Nope

Q:  Are you sad about leaving your other children behind?
A:  YES I am, but Isabelle has been left behind for 2 years and 10 months so that makes me even sadder

Q:  Are your kids mad you are leaving?
A:  You would have to ask them but when I asked the older ones they all said,  "no, I'm not mad" , "it will be hard",  "i will miss you"

Well, those are the questions that are fresh in my mind.  Sometimes I just laugh at the questions because they seem so silly to me.  But then I think and remind my self that not everyone "gets it" and if you don't "get it" it would be so hard to understand.  These questions make absolute sense to the people asking and I wish I could give them my heart for just a few moments - so they could feel what I feel.  I know my answers to these questions don't make sense to most people either.  But what is important as that our family understands and we are a team fighting to win - fighting to bring home another family member.  Fighting for Isabelle!!!!  And we are all willing to sacrifice what we have to in order to bring her HOME!!!



  1. I have a question, but a nice one (I hope).
    Will you actually get to visit her on Christmas day? I was wondering weather the orphanage would be functioning as normal.
    Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Very nice question - Thank you! As I understand we will be able to visit with her on Christmas day. They celebrate in January! Yay!!!!!!

  3. Well, you are not spending Christmas with your children in the USA but that's because you will be getting them the best gift ever! Another sister to love! And it's nice you get to spend Christmas day with her and show her how much you love her!

  4. Hey Summer,

    Actually the best of both worlds is that you will be celebrating Christmas TWICE with your children just in different countries. How cool is that.

    I think I remember that they celebrate on the 7th of January, right? Will you guys wait out the waiting period there and be able to possible see some of the holiday traditions while you are there? That might take you close into the New Year.

    I can't wait to read all about your travels.

    I'm so thrilled for you as well as your entire family.

    What a Christmas you will have, joyful and so much to be thankful for.

    Cheers to you!
    :) Teri

  5. This year you can celebrate Isabelle's Christmas, as it is on January 7th in Eastern Europe! God has thought about a PLAN B to everyone, even in this case :)

  6. I get it! And I always love your positive perspective :)! So excited for you (and the rest of us, through your blog) to meet Isabelle!!

  7. Oh Summer.....It will certainly be a Christmas you will never forget with many blessings!!!! Just wait till you see her for the first time and all those emotions are going crazy! Its just sooo amazing!!!!