Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wow - Donation!!!!!

Oh my Goodness - I was so super excited to see that our family sponsor page went up $90!!!!  Thank you so very much to the gracious soul that donated!!  We are so GRATEFUL!!!!! 

I have to be honest - we have not done anything at all to help raise money for our adoption.  We did send out letters in the beginning but then we started to hit some bumps.   The truth is we are scared - scared that we just might not be able to bring sweet Isabelle home.  I promise I am trying so hard to stay positive but this is a situation that we just have simply no control.  It is so hard not to steer this boat right where I want it to go, I have had to rely on Faith, Hope and lots of Prayer!!  We do need some help financially - of course we do - just like all the families in our shoes do.  It is our plan to take out a loan - it sounds awful to take out a loan for your daughter - it really does.  But we have no choice! 

So if anyone else out there has a few extra dollars they would like to send our way - just click on Isabelle's button on the left side of our blog and Vavvvvoooooommmm - you will be taken right to our family sponsor page.  Believe me, I know times are hard and I know the Holidays are right around the corner - so we are so happy to just have your prayers too!!!!!

Thank you AGAIN for all the Amazing support!!!!! 

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  1. Praying and hopefully someday I can help financially, as well!