Monday, November 8, 2010

Scary Yucky Stuff

November 3, 2010 the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE posted this:

The legislature (where Isabelle, Lyla and so many other orphans live)  is in the process of voting on a bill that would suspend all intercountry adoptions from countries without bilateral agreements with Eastern Europe, including adoptions from the United States. The bill passed a first reading and vote, but must still pass a second reading and be signed into law by the president. The second reading could take place in the next few weeks. If the bill passes the second reading, it may be signed into law as early as the end of 2010. The draft bill appears to include suspension of all adoptions in progress. The Department  will post updates as information becomes available.

Please, Please, Please Pray for all the Waiting Children that this bill will not pass!!!!  Think of the devastation - Oh my it is unbearable!!!!!  All those beautiful treasures just waiting for a Family - this can NOT pass!!!!

PLEASE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. There are A LOT of people there, in country, advocating for this bill to NOT include special needs children, so that they will still be allowed to be adopted internationally. Andrea, director of Reece's Rainbow, posted an update to the listserve, please go read it. It will help put things in perspective a little bit. Take a breath. It IS very scary when this stuff happens! It is not the first time this country has gone through it. Please don't panic yet!

  2. Praying like crazy!!


  3. I have heard of this and the fact that it has been postponed before so I will pray that this happens again and/or doesn't pass completely. It is so ridiculous....what does anyone benefit from the passing of this bill!!

  4. I think that a prayer blog with everyone signing in and praying might be in order..

  5. So, so many prayers! This would be devastating...