Friday, November 12, 2010


Our sweet friend Tracey was able to get us an update on Lyla.  Tracey - Thank You So Much!!!!  She didn't know how to tell us but Lyla is not well.  She is in ICU and her little heart is just not functioning as it should.  Our little princess has not gained any weight and is very tiny!  They don't believe she will ever leave ICU until she goes to HEAVEN!

Poor little Lyla - all alone just suffering with her little heart.  I pray that JESUS will not allow her to suffer much longer.  She has fought for so long, she must be so tired. 

We Love This Little Girl So Much!!!!!  Please GOD - HELP HER!!!!!!!


  1. Oh this just brought on the tears - I can't imagine what your going through hearing this news. I pray that God will hold her in his arms and comfort her until he bring her to heaven with him. Though - I can't lie. Part of me is just praying for a miracle of healing for that little princess so she can be adopted and come to a loving home.

  2. Oh sweet Lyla, praying for you princess, I hope you're well soon, whether it be here on earth (preferably!) or somewhere else.
    I hope you can get your dossier sorted easily Summer, I was so sorry to see that there was an issue.

  3. Breaks my heart to read this news, I have been hoping everyday to open your blog and get good news on Lyla. This is so hard. I can only imagine what it must be doing to you. Praying for a miracle

  4. Dear God let your will be done. You said in Your Word You would not leave them as orphans you would come for them. God heal Lyla. If she is to be healed on earth give her a family and make her an orphan no longer. If it is Your will to heal her and take her into Your family help us all to understand. Help us to grieve and not let this go unnoticed, help us to change the world for others in Your name and in Lyla's Be with this family that wanted her to be theirs. Hold them close in this very awful time of not knowing. Be with Lyla and let her know she is not alone. Hold her God as only you can. Thank you for all you are doing in this world for orphans and I pray that hearts are changed and more people adopt. Be with this family as they continue on for Belle and let Belle know her mama and daddy are coming. Prepare her heart God for them and prepare their hearts for what they are going to see when they go over there. Thank you for loving us Lord. In Your name we pray, Amen.

    I have no words, I am sorry. I can not imagine what you are going through.
    Be blessed

  5. Oh Summer, a test of your patience and perseverance for sure.
    One of my very favorite songs is "Word of God Speak" and I thought I would share a verse of it with you....hang in there Summer!

    Word of God Speak, will you pour down like rain, washing my eyes to see, your majesty. Be still and know, that your in this place, please let me stay and rest, in your holiness.


  6. This is so sad... My heart and my brain are not big enough even to imagine what little Lyla is going through right now..

    You seem to be so forgiving, so good. But am I the only one here so mean, so fierce when I think about biological Lyla's parents? I found no extenuating circumstances. I know finding the reason will not solve the problem, but I cannot get rid of this anger...

  7. Summer,

    I know that this was not the news that you were hoping to hear. I am so sad to think of her laying in the ICU still and not doing well. I'm praying that God works his wonders and heals this little girl either to be with a family or to go to her eternal rest with him.


  8. I have no words, except that I am so sorry to hear this news. Huge prayers are going out for little Lyla!


  9. I am so sorry to hear she probably won't be coming home to your family on earth. However, someday far in the future when God calls you home, your daughter will be waitiing for you. She will bring you home instead of you bringing her home.

  10. Sad to hear the news. Lyla, Isabelle and you and your family have been in my prayers. Will keep praying for Lyla to be free of her struggles either here on earth or in Heaven.

  11. My heart is just crushed right now as I read this news. This is just one of the many things in life that are completely out of our realm of understanding. I just pray that God will allow Lyla to know how many of us are out here that love her and pray for her. Hopefully she will have some peace in this. And I know it may be futile, but I am still going to pray that you may somehow be allowed to visit her while you are there to get Belle so that she can feel your love.