Friday, November 12, 2010


With my family gathered I just read all the comments on this blog!  We were all brought to tears.  We are all amazed, we can't even believe that so many care so much about Lyla, Isabelle and our family!  And we have never even met!  I hope every person in this world gets the opportunity to  feel the LOVE and SUPPORT that we feel tonight.  It is something so HUGE and we are so grateful.  For all of you who take the time to check our blog, for all of you who take a moment to pray for us and our girls, to YOU we are forever grateful. 

Your comments lift us up, remind us of what LOVE can do, remind us of what GOD WILL DO!!! 

And Sandryte, your comment is so very honest!!  Thank you!!!  Yes, we do get very mad at this situation for sweet Lyla.  I do NOT understand and I am not sure I ever will.  My brain and heart can't comprehend it either.  But no, we do not have any anger for the birth parents.  We do not know the situation, we do not know why Lyla was left in the care of an orphanage.  Life  in EE is so very different.  In this country, 90% of women terminate a pregnancy if they know that the child has Down syndrome.  Can you believe it???  90%!!!!  So at least Lyla was given a chance at life - or at least that is how I look at it.  No, it has not been a life that I would wish on anyone BUT at least she was given LIFE!!  I can't imagine giving up a child - I can't at all - BUT I do know first hand how appreciative I am that Owen and Sara's birth parents did. 

Well friends it has been one emotional day - and it was such a Blessing to read all the comments and end the day with that!  Off to bed - off to Pray - off to dream of the two little girls we LOVE very much!!!! 

Thanks For Everything and May GOD bless you as you have all BLESSED us!!!!!!


  1. So happy that you were submitted!!!! You will have Belle in your arms so soon:) My heart is breaking for your sweet Lyla, if only they would allow you to have a small visit with her when you are in country, if she is able to meet with you that is. She must be so strong to still be holding on and fighting. I can't stop crying for her, while my little one sits beside me singing your beautfiul blog song in my ear. May love, light, and peace surround ALL of you, always.

    I am so happy that you have had the chance to read through all of your comments, and that you know just how many of us are out here reading your story and keeping you in our thoughts. It is wonderful to be able to have support from all over the world like this, I hope that you have the same type of support close to home as well.

    Can't wait to follow you to your Belle:)

  2. I don't comment often, but I wanted to let you know I think of and pray for you, and especially for Lyla.