Sunday, November 21, 2010

2nd vote - week of December 14th

Oh my, it was posted today that the 2nd vote is scheduled the week of December 14th.  Now, according to other families that have traveled recently - they usually travel about 4 weeks after submission.  So since we were submitted on November 11th our SDA appt (again just according to what I have seen) would be around December 11th.  So the week of the vote!!!  Oh boy - this is some crazy stuff!!!  The post did mention that it is very late on the agenda - so maybe it wont even be read.  Oh please, please PRAY this to be true.  Or, please even better of course would be that they just waited until after all the adoptions go thru - WOW that would be something AMAZING!!!  And you know what?  It's all GOD's plan!!!!!!   HE can do AMAZING!!!!! 

I can't believe a date can have me in such a frenzy!!!  I'm telling you - I am wound a little tight these days. 

I just need Lyla & Isabelle home with us!!!  And all the other beautiful angels home with their forever families!!!!!  And for Sweet Tripp to be pain free!!!  And Beautiful Ella Grace to EAT!!!  And for Jenn to get the state police clearance to EE ASAP!!!  So many more NEEDS and all just as worthy!!!! 



  1. Wound a little tight here too. :-) But you are right! God CAN and WILL do AMAZING things!!! Trusting in Him...Praying our children home SOON!!

  2. Awww...seeing your shout out to Ella made me cry!! Thank you so much. Believe me, I am fervently praying that this vote gets squashed!!

  3. praying with you! i've got some high powered prayer warriors I'm going to drop an email to right now. God will take care of His little ones.

  4. See my blog post update today. We think the reviewing committee may have rejected the bill! Wouldn't that be a praise report?!

  5. Oh, and our little Ukrainian beauty is also named Isabel!