Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wait and Pray

We just got an e/m that our dossier will "hopefully" be submitted a week from Thursday.  The team has not received approval to submit our dossier from the SDA yet.   So of course I jump to the worst conclusions that this must mean something is wrong.  A few of our documents will start to expire in December - not sure that this will have any impact but it does make me a little sick to think about it!  I keep trying to remind my self "God's Perfect Timing", right????  So Relax because there is absolutely NOTHING we can do but WAIT and PRAY!!!!

This journey is easily summed up by saying, WAIT and PRAY!!! 

But at least why we wait - we are loved - we are fed - we are warm - we are kissed - we are FREE!!!
I can't say the same for our sweet little girls - I am guessing that WAITING is all they can do  -  Wait and Pray that a family will come rescue them from the brutal conditions in which they live.  All the beautiful orphans deserving of a Loving family - they just wait, wait, wait!!!!!

So who is waiting harder for?????   NOT US!!!!! 


  1. Amen 2 everything u just said Mrs. Spitz! Adoption Paranoia- don't ya just love it!


  2. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  3. So does that mean a week from this coming thursday as in November 4??? Does your team seem at all concerned that they haven't got approval yet or is this just the norm? Either way, IT IS COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR HANDS!! Picked up a couple little things more Miss Isabelle...need to get them sent your way. Thanks for your address :)

  4. LOVE this post!!! So many times we forget that even in our want and "need" we never feel content with what we have and then we think of these sweet children who are in need of the most basic thing, love. How selfish of us. Praying or you while yo wait!!