Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pray, Pray, Pray

I just received an e/m that you stop and read over and over again.  The e/m came from Reece's Rainbow and the subject was "Important".

There is going to be a vote in Eastern Europe in a couple weeks to STOP all adoptions from the part of EE where  Lyla's orphanage is!

So what can we do???????  - WE CAN PRAY!!!!!!

Please Pray for all the orphans that this could affect!!!!  All those precious little angels that wont get home to a forever family.........

Please, PRAY FOR ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Will this take into effect before you adoption is complete?

    How sad that this would even be voted on.....

  2. I am not positive. They are not sure who in the process this will affect but unfortunately I am thinking the worst and I am so sick!!!