Thursday, September 23, 2010


I just don't get it!!!!  Lyla needs surgery to survive and she can't get it?????  Are you kidding????  So she lie in a crib suffering with a failing heart and NOTHING????  It is so not the life I know and understand.  I wont be able to comprehend this.  And, they are not able to expedite her clearance for adoption, so she will not be cleared until the first week of November.  So we can not submit until then.  We have the option of submitting now and choosing another child, BUT we will NOT give up on Lyla.  I made a promise to HER and I will KEEP that promise.  They do not believe she will make it until we can get there with out the surgery.

Andrea from Reece's Rainbow is doing everything she can to arrange surgery for her. 

So here I am again, asking and begging that you pray for this sweet angel.  That she get the surgery she needs to survive and then we will bring her HOME!!!  As planned!!!!!

All Mighty FATHER Please Hear Our Prayer!!!!! 


  1. Oh Summer....I truly dont know what to say. You guys continue to be in our prayers!! Sweet lil Lyla is a fighter and you can see it in her big beautiful Blue eyes!!!

  2. oh wow! that really doesn't make sense praying for her

  3. Summer I'm beyond words. Tears flowing, I'm so sorry to hear that this has transpired. Definitely praying for your little girl.

    When I read these posts and my husband walks by he is constantly asking me what I'm shaking my head about. I have no idea I'm even doing it and find myself during the day shaking my head just at the thought of her not being able to get the surgery she so desperately needs.

    Covering you all with prayers.