Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No News Yet

I am so sorry - we don't have an update yet!  So many of you are checking our blog for an update and I wish I had one to give you!! 

Thank you again for all the support - it's AMAZING!!!!  We feel so BLESSED even though we are stuck in an awful yucky place right now. 

I faxed 81 documents to Eastern Europe last night for approval before we send our dossier.  We went to Mayville NY, to have our last 2 documents certified and I Fed Exed them to Albany.  I included a Fed Ex air bill so Albany with Fed Ex right back.  Maybe we will be able to mail our complete dossier to EE at the end of this week????? 

We just need that little beautiful big eyed dolly to hang in there and FIGHT!!!!!  Mommy and Daddy are coming sweet girl and we love you so very much!!!!!!!!


  1. Still prayin Summer! We're gonna have dinner together with our babies when we're on our way home!

  2. Praying she is doing well! I hope you hear something soon.