Friday, September 24, 2010

Dave and Another Little Girl

Unfortunately what we have to fix with our dossier is not at all what I expected.  My sweet, sweet husband is too old by 2 months to adopt Lyla!  Can you believe this?  There are ways around it - Thank GOD!!!  But it involves me adopting Lyla myself!  My husband is an amazing MAN - I love him with all my heart and all my soul!!  I never realized how this news would affect him.  I was just so happy that we could still adopt Lyla that I wasn't thinking about his feelings.  After I saw his face, oh my, this hurts him.  That he will not be able to legally adopt her together with me is so painful for him.  He is Happy that we still get to bring her home (GOD willing) but you can tell he is sad :(

So I have 8 new documents to sign, notarize, certify and apostille.  I have to have our home study ammended and that will be notarized, certified and apostilled too!  Hopefully then we will be able to submit our dossier and go meet our daughter.  Well the truth is, Dave does not even have to go to EE with me now.  This will be a very tough decision.  We would save so much money and he would be able to stay home with the kids.  But he would miss out on meeting his new daughter ASAP and  he does NOT like the idea of me going myself!  We have time to figure this all out!  

I want everyone to know we also have decided to have a plan, a plan that involves another child.  If Lyla goes to HEAVEN in the next few weeks we have decided that we should pick another little girl with Down syndrome that needs a home.  This is beyond difficult but we honestly feel this is the BEST thing for us to do right now.  It is important we prepare ourselves and all of our paperwork since new dossiers will not be accepted in November.  So as we make the changes for the 8 new documents we are also making changes to be able to adopt an older child if that is GOD's plan.   Zoya's mom sent me a wonderful e/m and this is one of the things she wrote:  "Maybe Lyla is the child he has planned for you, or maybe she is the child he planned to open your eyes to another child".  We do not know what will happen BUT we can make sure a child is SAVED no matter what!!  And really, that's all we CAN do!!!!!

I Love Lyla and I will continue to fight for her.  I will continue to do what ever it takes to bring her home to our family!!!!!  I will not GIVE UP ON HER EVER!!!!!!!



  1. And your story has taken another interesting turn!! I'm sure its not as fun for you to watch as it is for me, but I just know God has a plan for you and for a special little girl and I can't wait to see it revealed!!!! Praying for you!

  2. I so hope Lyla is your girl but I must tell you that this happened to us. We chose Arina in Russia, and she was gone by the time our home study was completed. I was heartbroken... but she led us to Masha and Autumn.

    Also, you can readopt Lyla at home and I think your hubby can do this too on the US side.